Release 18.5 – Release Notes

Release 18.5 will begin at 11:00 pm EST on December 22nd, 2018 and includes several major features that will add efficiencies into both the clinical workflow and the billing process.

Intelligent Intake

 iSalus is announcing our initial release 18.5 of a completely integrated and customizable intake system.  The intake system will allow a practice to determine exactly what information is needed prior to an appointment and allow patients to complete the information electronically.  Patients will be able to complete the requested information from home or at the office.  Once the information is entered by the patient, practices will be able to seamlessly merge all the data back into the chart.

Practices can choose to collect this type of information:

1.       Demographic

2.       Responsible Party

3.       Emergency Contacts

4.       Appointment Reminder preferences

5.       Collect a co-pay via credit card

6.       Collect outstanding balances via credit card

7.       Capture a picture of the patient or their ID Card

8.       Capture a picture of the patient’s primary and secondary insurance cards

9.       Allergies

10.   Medications

11.   Custom templates like Past Medical History, Review Systems, or any other forms that are setup

12.   Custom letters that need signed like HIPAA Forms, Practice Policies, etc.

Once the Intake Questionnaire has been established, practices can control how the information is communicated to patients and how the follow-up process takes place.

Intake Questionnaires can be linked to Appointment Types so that the Intake Questionnaires are automatically assigned to a patient when an appointment is scheduled.

Patients can complete the Intake Questionnaires from MyMedicalLocker or while in the office.  In order to complete the Intake Questionnaires in the office, practices will need to designate the technology they want to make available.

Completed Intake Questionnaires are sent directly back to OfficeEMR.  Based on the type of information that is sent back, the task of merging the data back into the chart is assigned accordingly.  Merging registration information is done directly from the iScheduler or Patient Portal Task List.  Merging clinical data like Medications and template data is done in the EMR.

Contact iSalus Healthcare today to learn more about release 18.5.

Dynamic Billing Validation Rules

iSalus has added several new settings to the Procedure Code setup window that will enable dynamic billing validation rules.  These rules will stop a claim from being submitted to the payer when issues exist on the claim.  Practices can choose exactly which rules are appropriate and how they would like these deployed.

Here is an example of the types of edits that can be enabled and configured for each CPT code in the system:

1.       Rendering and referring must always be the same

2.       Rendering and referring cannot be the same

3.       At least one of the following modifiers must be used

4.       None of the following modifiers can be used

5.       At least one of the following procedure codes must be used

6.       None of the following procedure codes can be used

7.       At least one of the following diagnosis codes must be used

8.       None of the following diagnosis codes can be used

9.       At least one of the following primary diagnosis codes must be used

10.   None of the following primary diagnosis codes can be used

11.   Minimum number of units setting

12.   Maximum number of units setting

Other Enhancements or Fixes

1.       Added a user setting that requires a user to type in dashes (-) in order to search by SSN when looking up a patient

2.       Added a user setting to force a diagnosis code on the Superbill

3.       Fixed an issue with order fulfillment templates when an order originated from the new order search process

4.       Fixed an issue with slowness in the order tab when using the ‘Diagnosis’ lookup feature

5.       Fixed an issue with the ‘Bumped’ status setting where appointments that had the same start or end time as the bump were incorrectly being marked