Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions by package offering. If you are unable to find the answers you are looking for or simply need more clarification, please contact sales at 888-737-8091.

iSALUS is dedicated to providing our clients systems that are available whenever and wherever you do business with an exceptional level of reliability.


Service Level Agreement. iSALUS will respond to service level notifications and will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve each reported error or issue by providing such service to correct errors in accordance with the response timetable set forth below. In the event that Tier 1 assistance is required, response timeframes may be adjusted to reflect any response delays. The following response times specify the level of response given to an error based upon the assigned severity level.

Level Definition Initial Response Update Frequency
1 System problem that has resulted in a down situation in which a client is unable to access the system.
·  All users unable to log on to system
·  Real-time interface(s) down
30 Minutes Every 60 Minutes
2 The impact on the client’s operations is high but not critical.  This can include:
·  Poor system response time which impairs the completion of normal workloads
·  Users unable to perform significant patient related functions
·  Unable to process claims or payments
Within 4 Hours Every 24 Hours
3 Problem that does not seriously affect the client’s operations. A Category 1 or 2 Problem that has been temporarily resolved with a workaround may be categorized thereafter as a Category 3 Problem. Within 1 Business Day Once a Week
4 All other problems with system other than those in the categories above. This category includes errors in documentation and instances when the system does not operate strictly according to specifications. Within 1 Business Day Hot Fixed or Release Cycle

How much will I pay each month for the iSalus’ Subscriptions?

Subscription packages are based on medical specialty and size of practice. All packages come with unlimited claims. Training and implementation fees will apply. Please contact a product specialist for more information and an exact quote at 888.270.6678.

When will I receive my first invoice?

iSalus invoices customers the first week of each month. Your first invoice will include a prorated amount due from the previous month, plus the amount due in advance for the current month.

When will iSalus bill me for my provider licenses?

iSalus bills for provider licenses in advance, so you will pay your monthly per provider licenses costs in advance each month.

When will iSalus bill me for claims usage?

For customers on our Standard Package, iSalus invoices customers for claims entered in the system the month subsequent to the month during which the customer entered the claims, this means you will pay for claims usage the month claims are entered.

How does iSalus define a provider?

Any active system user entered in the iSalus software who is or has ever been associated with an appointment, electronic superbill, electronic claim, paper claim or e-prescription. These are all of the activities a provider would typically engage in, so iSalus tracks these things closely to account for active providers.

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

No, there are no hidden costs with iSalus. We’re not that kind of a company.

How long does implementation take?

iSalus’ EHR can be up and running, fully-customized for your practice and your workflow in less than 60 days and, if needed, iSalus accelerate this if your practice needs to move more rapidly. As for the medical billing software, practices can be submitting e-claims within 2-4 weeks depending on their timeline requirements. All new customers should inform their Senior Practice Advisor as to their expected timeline so that iSalus can help you perform according to your expectations.

What about my current database? Can iSalus import that data?

Yes, if your practice provides iSalus with a .CSV or .XLS file, for $95/hour we can import Patient Demographics, Insurance Payer Lists, Clinical Data such as Allergies, Medications, Problem Lists, Vitals and Documents, Appointments & Fee Schedules. Database imports are free when you sign up with our Premium Package. If you are having a hard time exporting data from your current system, you may also pay iSalus $95/hour to have an iSalus Technology Expert help you export your current system’s data.

Can I export my data should I choose to cancel at some point?

Yes, iSalus customers may export their data for free at any time during the life of their contract. You may also continue to pay iSalus for read only access to your data.

Where can I find your terms of service?

Please contact a member of our Finance team for a copy of your Terms of Service.

How soon can I begin sending claims electronically?

On average, it takes 2-4 weeks to complete clearinghouse enrollments assuming you are credentialed with the insurance company; however, iSalus can accelerate this for some commercial carriers & allow you to submit claims more quickly if your timeline requires rapid on-boarding. Be sure to let your Senior Practice Advisor know of any timeline expectations during your Welcome Call.

Are CPT codes included?

It is the responsibility of each practice to ensure their own CPT code compliance. License to use CPT must be obtained through the American Medical Association.

What are the system requirements for iSalus?

Since iSalus EHR is a centrally hosted, cloud-based application it does not require any servers or expensive equipment. Instead, all you need a Windows Based PC that meets our Recommended Hardware & Technical Specifications. We ask that these specifications be met prior to completing implementation for optimal functionality.

Is my data secure? What data security measures do you have in place?

Data security is of paramount importance. That’s why it’s good to know that with iSalus, your records are stored and continuously backed-up using security procedures that exceed HIPAA regulations. We utilize a nationally recognized and accredited data center to store data in a SAS 70 Type II compliant, state-of-the-art data center in the cloud, protected with 256-bit encryption. You can rest assured knowing your data is safe without compromising patient record confidentiality.

Why should I choose iSalus as my EHR provider?

We’re different than the rest in two principal ways.
ONE. iSalus Healthcare was built around flexibility. With iSalus, you have the capacity to shape and mold the system to adhere to your workflows. Nearly every aspect of iSalus can be configured or adjusted to meet your expectations, not forcing busy practitioners to conform to the software.
TWO. iSalus’ Electronic Health Records and Billing Software are truly unified in a single database with a single user sign on. Many Electronic Health Records and Billing Software vendors require users to have two separate systems that communicate through a software bridge that passes patient demographics, appointments and claims data back and forth which can be risky and problematic. See the iSalus difference for yourself by requesting a personal demo or call us direct at 888-280-6678.

Is iSalus certified for Meaningful Use Stage 1 & 2?

Yes, iSalus is certified for Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use by the Drummond Group. For more information about watch our Meaningful Use video.

Do you offer templates for my specialty?

Yes, we’ve been in business for over 15 years, and have developed thousands of templates for all major specialties. If for some reason, we don’t have templates for your current specialty, iSalus will help you build them according to your expectations.

Can you customize a template for my practice?

Yes. If your practice requires a customized template, you can work with one of our certified experts to completely build customized templates to meet your specific needs for $95/hour once you’ve exceeded your allotment of template customization hours.

What labs do you work with?

We understand lab interfaces are a key component to managing your practice, so we’ve partnered with Halfpenny Technologies, a cloud-based and nationally recognized leader in connecting medical clinicians with desired lab / diagnostic testing facilities. This interconnectivity allows iSalus’ clients to accelerate the lab onboarding process within your practice’s workflow.

Can I work with my local pharmacy in the EHR?

Yes, most likely. iSalus connects to thousands of pharmacies across the US.

How much document management storage may customers use?

Standard package clients may store up to 10GB of documents for free. This number doesn’t grow each month, it just remains as a 10GB max. If client exceeds 10GB, you simply pay iSalus $10/GB of overages each month. For example, if a 1 provider practice were to have 11GB of total storage, they would pay iSalus $10/month in overages each month.
Premium package clients may store up to 20GB of documents for free. If client exceeds 20GB, you simply pay iSalus $10/GB of overages each month.