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Dialysis Reporting

Dialysis Reporting

NephroChoice™ understands the unique and complex needs of a busy Nephrology office. Identifying patients that have met the 4 visit threshold for dialysis is critical – not only to the health of the patient, but to the health of the practice. The NephroChoice™ nephrology EHR provides this information to allow you to deliver the most efficient and comprehensive patient care.

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nephro dialysis rounds

Dialysis Rounding

The streamlined workflow NephroChoice™’ provides allows them to quickly track Dialysis rounds by location and add a dialysis visit to a patient’s chart right inside your nephrology EHR. NephroChoice™ tracks the patient rounds list, visit level and acts as a reminder to complete the required comprehensive visit monthly. Now your practice can enjoy strengthened financials and improved health outcomes.

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NephroChoice Mobile

Powerful Mobile App to
Practice on the Go

  • Create new or modify existing encounters at the time of service.
  • Capture patient images directly from your phone and upload them.
  • Real-time access to a patient’s medications, problems, notes and more.
  • View patient information, insurance files and responsible party information.
  • Send secure, HIPAA compliant communications to everyone on your team.
  • Outstanding dictation tool directly within the mobile application.

Fully Integrated Practice Management, EHR,
Medical Billing and Telehealth Solution

Nephrology Multi-device
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Custom File Management

Upload digital and diagnostic images directly into the patient’s chart to create a rich file management system.

Patient Vitals

Electronic Remittance Advice

Receive ERAs electronically for single click payment posting. Easily review payments prior to being disbursed.

Custom Templates

Custom Templates

Whether you’re documenting an Initial Consult exam, Kidney Stones or any other Nephrology procedure, we have you covered!

Eligibility Check

Eligibility Checking

Streamline your practice with automated eligibility verification so your staff can focus on more core functions of your practice. Now you can enjoy an added revenue safety net by understanding eligibility before the appointment ever beings.

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Claim Submission

NephroChoice offers a seamless integration with the industry leading clearinghouse. Experience complete transparency and greater efficiencies with intuitive dashboards to review claims and practice financials.



An award-winning scheduler that boasts a user-friendly interface that is feature rich and easy to use, including the ability to create pre-determined requirements.

Telehealth Devices

Patient engagement like you've never seen it.

Increase compliance by offering telehealth visits to your patients. Our fully integrated platform will allow you to start a telehealth visit with the click of a button right inside the patient’s chart. Research shows patients are more likely to attend follow-up appointments and set non-emergent appointments when telehealth is available.

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nephro labs

Integrated Labs

As a Nephrologist, the lab entry and ordering process may vary depending on the location and the employer. NephroChoice™ offers nephrology providers a flexible solution to meet their unique needs. Providers enjoy ease of use along with baseline and results tracking and graphing capabilities.To ensure seamless billing processes, NephroChoice™ allows optional lab billing account information to be configured for each employer and location.

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nephro timeline

Patient Vitals

As a Nephrologist, you deal with numerous conditions every day. Having easy access to key clinical data about a patient’s condition is crucial to the quality of care you provide. The NephroChoice™ interactive summary lets you quickly graph a patient’s vitals, medications, lab results and more in a single screen.

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