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Telehealth Provides Expanded Access to Care.

Introducing our newest solution for practices looking to join the fastest growing segment in the healthcare industry, telehealth. AnywhereCare is a fully integrated telehealth solution that allows your practice to offer virtual visits to patients that need access to more convenient care.

Telehealth Devices

AnywhereCare - A Fully Integrated Telehealth Module

Adding telehealth to your practice has never been easier. Whether one or all of your providers would like to expand the current services they offer, AnywhereCare can easily be integrated into your practice without a bulky implementation process.
Give your patients the opportunity to achieve better health outcomes in the most convenient way possible by adding telehealth to your practice today.


Seamless Integration

There’s no installation necessary, AnywhereCare is fully integrated with OfficeEMR. All you need to do is let one of our representatives know you’re ready to get started and you can begin offering e-visits to your patients for seamless communication during a telehealth visit in no time.


Geo-Based Pharmacy Recommendations

AnywhereCare allows you to see your patient’s location and automatically pulls up a list of the closest pharmacies to them. No matter where they’re traveling, you’ll be able to recommend the closest pharmacy for added convenience to your traveling patients.


Easily Bill a Telehealth Visit

Because AnywhereCare is fully integrated, you can easily create claims the exact same way you’re already creating them inside OfficeEMR. There’s no installation necessary. You simply turn it on to easily bill a claim right from your telehealth module.

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Easy To Use

Whether on your desktop or mobile app, AnywhereCare telehealth is easy to use for both the patient and the doctor.


No More Waiting Room

More than 70% of patients avoid follow-up visits or going to the doctor altogether due to inconvenience.


Avoid Patient Attrition

26% of all patients will choose a new physician based on the availability of telehealth visits.

How Patients Can Get Started Using AnywhereCare

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*For patients that need help accessing or downloading the AnywhereCare app, please contact your Physician's office for assistance.