Tech Specs

Recommended Hardware & Technical Specifications

To experience all the advantages of OfficeEMR™, the following technical requirements must be met prior to completing implementation. Clients are responsible for adhering to OfficeEMR™’s technical requirements.

High Speed Internet Connection Recommendations

PCs will need to access the Internet directly or through a local area network. Most business broadband accounts
can service these needs very inexpensively; typical connection types include DSL, Cable, Fiber, Wireless, or T1

The table below provides the required ISP bandwidth recommendations. Please note that these numbers are estimates
based upon average product usage. Extensive use of scanning documents may require higher bandwidth speeds. In
most situations you will want
to have the middle or highest Business Class Internet plan from your ISP.

Clients are responsible for troubleshooting network issues (latency, packet loss, etc.) outside of iSalus’s
firewall (i.e. from users’ workstations to If there is additional Internet traffic in
the office, you may wish to use
higher speeds.

Office Size Minimum Upload Speed Minimum Download Speed
1-5 concurrent users with latency < 100 ms 3 Mb/s 5 Mb/s
6-10 concurrent users with latency < 100 ms 4 Mb/s 8 Mb/s
11-20 concurrent users with latency < 100 ms 5 Mb/s 10 Mb/s
21-30 concurrent users with latency < 100 ms 7 Mb/s 12 Mb/s
More than 30 concurrent users with latency < 100 ms 10 Mb/s 12 Mb/s

To verify actual speed with officeEMR, follow the instructions at and select Indianapolis, IN

* OfficeEMR™ only requires the following network ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (SSL).

Hardware Recommendations

In order to guarantee reliable support and the latest in technology, it may be advantageous to acquire a lease
and support agreements for your hardware. As operating systems, internet browsers and other technology
enhancements are made available, hardware recommendations may be updated. Check back for updates.

Finally, the best piece of advice we can give you is to purchase quality products from brand names such as
Microsoft, DELL, HP, and Lenovo, and have a professional set it all up.

Specifications Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Processor 6th Gen Intel Core i5 7th Gen Intel Core i5 or Higher
RAM 4 GB 8 GB Memory or higher
OS Version Windows 10 Windows 10 Pro
Resolution 1152 x 864 1920 x 1080 or higher
IE Settings IE 11 IE 11
Display Size
(for Tablets/2in1)
12″ 12″ or Higher

Tablets / 2-in-1 Convertibles Suggestions

iSalus doesn’t endorse any computer maker or model; however, all iSalus software is designed, developed, and
tested using Microsoft Surface devices.

Tablet Display Processor Screen Resolution Operating System
MS Surface Book 2 13.5” Core i5 or i7 3000 x 2000 Win 10 Pro
Surface Pro
12.3″ Core i5 or i7 2736 x 1824 Win 10 Pro
Surface Laptop
10.8″ Core i5 or i7 2256 x 1504 Win 10 Prop
Dell Inspiron 13
5000 or 7000 Series 2-in-1
13.3” Core i5 or i7 1920 x 1280 Win 10 Pro
HP EliteBook x360 1020 or
13.3″ Core i5 or i7 1920 x 1280 Win 10 Pro
Yoga 720
12″ Core i5 or i7 1920 x 1280 Win 10 Home
Miix 720
12″ Core i5 or i7 2880 x 1920 Win 10 Pro

The Intel Atom processors are lower performing processors and are not as fast as the Intel Core i or M Series
processors. Many clients will not be happy with the performance of OfficeEMR™ using the Atom processors.
Exception being the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Screen Resolution Heights lower than 864 (second number – 1920 x 1080) will zoom in electronic documents making
them not very useful and hard to work with. This can also make some screens difficult to work in, i.e. Drug
Search Window, Billing windows.

In IE pressing the “F11” key puts IE in full screen mode. This will help when working in lower screen resolution

Additional Hardware Recommendations

Topaz Signature Pad Recommendations

LCD LCD Backlit Standard Pad Bluetooth (Wireless)

SigPlus Pro Tablet

The SigPlus® Pro Tablet software tools are designed for use by developers looking to create eSignature
for use with Windows Tablets, Pen-and-Tablet PCs, and Topaz GemView Tablet Displays.

Learn more here:


*Do Not Connect your Topaz Signature Pad to your computer

*To download drivers for all of the above use:

*When prompted click Run to download and Install

*Click Yes & Take Defaults

*After Install connect up your Topaz Signature Pad to your computer

Driver for all other models:

Printer Hardware Recommendations

Office Printer Rx Printer
Current Model Laser Printer
Capable of printing 20 pages per minute or faster
Star TSP800II

w/LAN Module (Network)

w/USB Module (Individual)

Scanners & Cameras Hardware Recommendation

Document Scanning Insurance / ID Card Scanning Web Camera
i1190[Note Model]
ScanShell 800N / ScanShell 800NR Logitech HD PRO Webcam C920
Kodak i2420
Image Scanner fi-7160

Intelligent Intake Recommendations

iPad 5th Gen or Higher (min of 9.7″ display & iOS11) Case(Pure Sense Buddy) Charging Station with Lock

* All Scanning Devices and Cameras MUST use TWAIN Compliant Drivers

** Document Scanners need to be capable of scanning at 75 to 100 dpi Resolution

*** TWAIN Scanners and Cameras may eventually become Non-Compliant and may need to be replaced

Software Recommendations

Norton Antivirus by Symantec


Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Premium by Nuance