Medical Billing Services With 100% Transparency

Medical Billing Services With 100% Transparency
Financial Health Equals Quality Care

Financial Health Equals Quality Care

Your ability to provide quality care to your patients is directly dependent on the financial success of your practice. In today’s climate, it’s more important than ever to accurately assess the billing cycle within your business. As your trusted partner in RCM services, we can take the burden off your staff and give you the peace of mind that a certified team of billing experts can offer, in an efficient and timely manner.

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We Get Paid When You Get Paid

Some of the benefits your practice will receive:


Complete Integration with all iSalus Products

One login to reach every aspect of your software means better communication and reduced errors across the board.


Clearinghouse Enrollments & Database Setup

Get started quickly at no charge and enjoy immediate transparency into your practice financials.


Insurance and Patient Follow-Up Calls

We'll take care of the hard work and reduce the burden on your staff overall for greater efficiency and reduced stress.


24/7 Access to Financial Dashboard

Easy reporting capabilities and access to the financial data you need to make important decisions.

Personal Account Manager

Lifetime Personal Account Manager

Build trust and dedication with your dedicated Account Manager will help you strengthen the entire revenue cycle.

Rejection Denials

Rejection and Denials Troubleshooting

When errors or denials occur, we'll handle troubleshooting and resubmittals fast to reduce the burden on staff.


Payments Posting

Our team handles the process from begin to end to reduce stress and offer a smooth experience overall.


Claims Submissions

Our team of top billing specialists will review each claim to make sure your clean claims rate is the highest possible.


U.S. Based Support

Your practice and your patients will enjoy easy to reach U.S. based billing to handle any questions or issues that arise.

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*Rate is dependent on the number of claims submitted each month. An exact quote will be provided upon request.

Why Your Practice Should Outsource

As the industry continues to focus on value-based care, it is becoming more important than ever to reduce costs and increase efficiency. By partnering with iSalus, our team of experts can help you reach the forefront of new emerging payment models while gaining better data that allows you to provide a higher quality of care.

  • insurance
    Lower stress level in your office and lower staff turnover.
  • Around The Clock
    We provide 100% transparency into your practice’s Financial Health.
  • Rejection Denials
    Unified EHR and Billing results in higher claim approvals.
  • Personal Account Manager
    Reduction in staff needs to drive down costs.
  • clearinghouse
    You spend less time doing paperwork and more time with your patients.

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