Add these services to your plan to customize a bundled package tailored just for you. Improve your practice's efficiency. Increase your patient engagement levels. Create a passive revenue stream for your practice and much more!


Appointment Reminders

Improve patient attendance rates by sending email, text and phone call appointment reminders to your patients.

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Billing Software

Our billing system is integrated with over 2,500+ payers across the country. This ensures you get paid quickly.

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Personal Account Manager

Chronic Care Management

Generate an additional *$100,000* per year while increasing patient engagement levels and delivering better patient care.

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Electronic Faxing

Switch to an electronic, integrated faxing platform that allows you to send and receive faxes directly using your EMR. No scanning required.

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Medical Billing Services

Let iSalus Healthcare handle your medical billing while you can focus more time caring for patients and spending time with friends and family.

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Custom Templates

Electronic Statements

Electronic statements offer the ability to have statements automatically printed, stuffed, and mailed with the click of a button.

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To Do

MIPS Reporting

MIPS Reporting to help you succeed with MIPS and the new Quality Payment Program. Avoid penalties and position your practice for bonus incentives.

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Eligibility Check

Batch Eligibility

Batch Eligibility allows the practice to run eligibility checks in bulk over the practice-defined needs to maximize efficiency of practice staff.

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