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Additional Services

When you sign up for any of iSalus Healthcare's EHR packages, you and your team can access several additional service options to help your practice run efficiently and effectively. From Appointment Reminders to RCM services to Chronic Care Management, and more, iSalus has you covered! Add these services to your plan to customize a bundled package tailored just for you.

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“It was nice to see a company that was willing to be flexible.”

Christopher Bojrab, President At IU Health Group


  • 15 August

    The Different Types of Telehealth

    Many know what telehealth is, but do you know what the different types of telehealth are? From video-conferencing to mHealth, find out the various kinds of telehealth you can integrate into your practice in our latest blog.read more

  • 10 August

    The Success Surrounding Chronic Care Management

    With approximately 45% of the U.S. population suffering from 2 or more chronic conditions, it's no wonder chronic care management is being heavily discussed among healthcare professionals. Yet many providers don't know the full benefits of CCM to their practice and patients. Read our blog to find out.read more

  • 9 August

    What Patient Engagement Will Look Like in 2019

    With the advancement of new technologies, services and requirements in the medical field, what does the future hold for patient engagement? Our latest blog takes a look at how patient engagement might change in 2019.read more

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