Introducing MIPS Reporting

iSalus Healthcare has partnered with Mingle Analytics to bring you MIPS Reporting to help you succeed with MIPS and the new Quality Payment Program. Avoid penalties and position your practice for bonus incentives.

iSalus MIPS Assist
Empowering You with Expert Consultants and Cutting-Edge Tools

Create a plan to optimize your potential bonus.

Our MIPS consultants will help you create a plan to avoid a penalty and optimize your score so you can capture any potential bonus reimbursements from the MIPS program in 2026.

Select optimal measures for your practice.

Let us help your practice pick and set up the best measures for the highest score. One hour of template customization is included with the MIPS Assist package.

Analyze and track performance.

Review performance by practice and provider continuously, weekly or quarterly. Our consultants will meet with you quarterly to help make sure you're on track to meet your goal.

Send Medicare data.

We will walk you through your final calculations and successful submission to Medicare.

Pricing for MIPS Assist

It’s getting harder to meet the reporting requirements in order to avoid a negative payment penalty. For the 2024 performance period, a minimum of 75 points is required to avoid negative payment adjustments of up to -9% from Medicare in 2026. Paying attention to quality data on a continuous basis will ensure success. Our MIPS Assist consultants will meet with your organization on a quarterly basis to ensure your practice is on track to meeting your MIPS 2024 goals.

Whether you want to avoid a penalty or continuously monitor your performance, our team will guide you every step of the way.


Up to 3 Providers, $200 per additional Provider

(subscription; billed annually)

Quality Measure, PI, and IA Advisors

to review specifications and recommendations by specialty and type of practice

Live Support

(Phone, Email, Screen Sharing)

Dedicated Quality Program Consultant

to guide you every step of the way and manage your submission process

MIPS Dashboard

to review your MIPS performance

Analyze Performance

for each available measure and improve performance for optimal score

Submission Guidance

to ensure your practice successfully submits on time to Medicare

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The MIPS Assist program is amazing. Our practice, with the help of the MIPS Assist program, gained a positive reimbursement from Medicare for the 2024 calendar year. [The MIPS Assist Consultant] met with our practice at the beginning of the year so all staff understood the program better, which was so informative. Needless to say, it's 2024 and we did it!

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Suzette Minerva

I’ve had the pleasure of working with our MIPS consultant, who has made my experience with MIPS Assist very pleasant. The knowledge that I have gained from working with MIPS Assist is invaluable. It’s always a plus when you work with someone very experienced who stays up to date on MIP regulations so that all options can be utilized before submitting. MIPS Assist has helped me understand the process by creating a great learning experience.

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Monique Sweeney

[The MIPS Assist Consultant] has worked with our practice on MIPS accreditation for the past few years. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are efficient and very responsive. We have met our MIPS goals every year since they started working with us. They have been extremely helpful in setting the measure and tracking how we are doing. They are also very pleasant to interact with which is certainly a plus above their knowledge and ability. We just renewed for an additional year.

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Dr. Mishell

Mingle Health MIPS Registry Solutions


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Report data for the MIPS Quality, Advancing Care Information, and Improvement Activities performance categories; submit data to CMS through Mingle Health Qualified Registry Service; includes unlimited quality performance analyzer reports and final analyzer report submission to CMS

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