iSalus University

Attend an interactive webinar with iSalus' Expert Implementation Team to learn everything from getting started to using advanced features. Whether you’re just starting out, or are a power user looking for new ideas, we offer hands-on training to ensure you get the most out of the iSalus platform​.

PM Training


Learn to scan, import modify documents and electronically assign for review and review documents.
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Learn the ins and outs of how to successfully manage the front office with OfficeEMR.
Tuesday – 3PM | Watch Previous Webinars

Practice Task Management

Learn to document patient phone calls, non-appointment encounters and intra-office communications.
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EHR Training

Medical Provider Documentation

Receive an overview on how to navigate OfficeEMR, document a patient visit and place orders.
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Group Scheduling and Documentation

This webinar is for practices that perform group scheduling & document for group visits.
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Receive a deep dive into placing and processing orders and reviewing results for clinical staff.
Placing Orders | Results Processing

Telemedicine Demonstration

Receive a deep dive into placing and processing orders and reviewing results for clinical staff.
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AnywhereCare Setup

Learn how to setup our telemedicine platform AnywhereCare.
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Billing Training

Billing Overview / Claims Creation / Processing & Submission Webinar

Learn the fundamental knowledge that you will need to confidently navigate the billing portal within OfficeEMR. With this expertise in place, you will than learn how to create and submit claims.
Monday 10:00AM | Monday 2:30PM


Receipt Posting & Disbursing / Statements Processing Webinar

Learn how to post and disperse receipts as well as creating and sending patient statements.
Tuesday 10:00AM | Tuesday 2:30PM


ERA & EOB Posting Webinar

Learn the step-by-step process of applying ERA and EOB payments to your patient’s claims.
Wednesday 10:00AM | Wednesday 2:30PM



Learn the fundamentals that you will need to confidently navigate and run the billing reports within OfficeEMR.
Thursday 10:00  | Thursday 2:30PM


Admin Training

Basic Maintenance

Prepare practice administrators on effectively managing their users, roles and general database setup.
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Schedule Setup & Maintenance

Learn to set up appointment types, resources and appointment statuses within OfficeEMR.
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