Why Practices Should Still Utilize Telehealth Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 prompted a widespread adoption of telehealth solutions across the country. Providers who have been using it for years are now using it more than ever before to make sure their patients are still getting connected to the care they need. Virtual visits and remote care make it possible for high-risk patients to avoid putting themselves at higher risk of getting the coronavirus. Providers need to continue to utilize telehealth amid COVID-19 and even when it is over.

Why Providers Should Keep Using Telehealth:

Remote Care

Remote care is changing the lives of patients everywhere. This does not only include virtual telehealth visits, but it involves much more. Patients who are battling multiple chronic conditions are able to receive life-saving treatment from home. For example, patients can utilize vital monitoring that helps send their updated vitals directly to their chart without having to come into the office. Kidney dialysis patients can receive at-home dialysis, so they do not have to leave their house. Even diabetes patients can utilize sugar tracking technology that always keeps their providers in the loop.

Access to Quality Tools

While many providers are adopting telehealth for the first time during the pandemic, it is not a new tool. Telemedicine has existed in one form or another for many years. There are vendors of telehealth technology that have nailed down the perfect software solutions for your practice. The key to optimizing the use of telemedicine at your practice is to partner with an experienced vendor, not a new one.

Improves the Patient Experience

Telehealth improves the patient experience in a large number of ways. The first being that patients love the convenience and flexibility found in telemedicine and remote care. Traditional in-office visits force patients to take large chunks of time out of their day to travel to and from the doctor’s office. This disrupts their workday and increases travel costs. Telehealth allows patients to bypass these struggles and visit with their providers remotely.

Increases Access to Care for Patients

Telehealth also drastically increases access to care for many patients. Not only does it eliminate barriers to providers like travel costs and transportation, but it enables high-risk patients to continue getting the care they need during the pandemic. This increased access to care will still exist post-pandemic for patients who live outside of the traditional travel radius of your practice.

What to Look for in a Telehealth Partner:


A quality partner of telehealth software will be an established organization with years of experience. They will have perfected telemedicine software, the implementation process, and usability so that your practice has the best experience possible and optimizes the use of such incredible technology.

Quality Support

Support is everything when it comes to your software. There are always bumps in the road when introducing a new tool or software to your practice. For this reason, your vendor should offer on-site support during implementation as well as 24/7 US-based customer support to help you once they’ve stepped away.

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