Automate Your Check-in Process with Digital Intake in 2021

Automated tools like digital intake are making their way into every healthcare department and process in 2021. Automated tools help providers and their teams work more efficiently, collect a wide variety of accurate data, and improve patient care. These include tools like AI-assisted charge capture, queue management solutions, telehealth, digital intake, and much more. With the help of technology, providers are working faster and with less burden than ever before. Digital intake helps providers collect accurate patient data while improving the patient experience. Keep reading to learn how digital intake can automate your check-in process in 2021.

The Impact of Digital Intake:

Easier Collection of Copay and Balances

Integrated technology makes it possible for you to collect on patient balances during the intake process. The more places and options you have available for your patient to pay their bill, the more likely you are to receive a much-needed patient payment. Digital patient intake enables you to offer your patients yet another convenient way to pay their copays and balances before their visit.

Take Photos of Insurance Information

A common cause for a denied claim is a lapse in coverage or out of date insurance information. Digital intake enables your patients to easily take a photo and upload their insurance information directly into their chart. This ensures your team has the most up-to-date data before services are rendered.

Review and Update Clinical Information

The traditional intake process for patients has always been a pain in their side. They are forced to quickly fill out documents before their visit, leading to errors and poor handwriting. With digital intake, patients can easily review and update clinical information. They can take their time doing so to ensure accuracy and bypass the transcription process by uploading it directly to their chart.

Collect Electronic Signatures

Digital intake still enables providers to collect all of the information they need. Patients can easily sign any document they need to. If completing their intake on a touch-screen device, they can sign with their finger or a stylus just like they would in the office. If they are completing their digital patient intake on a desktop, they can use their mouse or keyboard to sign anything you need them to. This ensures accurate signatures before their visit while freeing up your staff’s time.

Set Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are proven to help reduce no-shows and late visits. This is incredibly important for the patient’s care, but also protecting your bottom line. During the intake process, patients can opt for appointment reminders that work best for them. They can choose from a list of text, email, or phone call reminders to help them stay on top of their care and remember their appointment.

Update Demographics, Emergency Data, and More

Digital intake also enables patients to easily update demographics, emergency data, and more. This information easily gets lost in the cracks throughout the traditional intake process but is incredibly important to your practice. Digital intake makes it easy for this information to stay up-to-date and accurate.

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