Why You Should Be Using A Digital Patient Intake Solution

Digital patient intake is playing a vital role in today’s healthcare landscape. Providers shouldn’t waste any more time and quickly implement quality digital solutions. Patients expect a certain level of digital interactions with their providers. They already receive it nearly everywhere else in their life. A quality digital patient intake process can help give patients the technology they want from their providers. It offers convenience by decreasing waiting room times. It helps providers gain access to the most up to date information possible. It keeps patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Providers Should be using a digital patient intake solution to improve their patient experience and get up to speed with the digital age.

The Impact of Digital Patient Intake:

Promote Staff and Patient Safety

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us the value and importance of extra safety precautions. Digital patient intake is an incredible way to keep staff and patients safe during the pandemic. The traditional waiting room is quiet, and patients often do not like their experience there. This tool helps to eliminate the traditional waiting room. Patients can fill out their PHI and insurance information from anywhere. This helps them feel less pressure as they might in the waiting room while giving them the time, they need to enter all the information correctly.

Contactless Registration

Your front-line staff spends a monumental amount of time answering patient questions and transcribing PHI into patient charts. The digital patient intake process helps return valuable time back to your team. Rather than transcribe medical records, your team can focus on other patient critical tasks. A quality intake tool is uploaded directly into the patient’s chart at the point of completion. This gives providers the most accurate information possible at the start of their visit.

Support the Rise in Telehealth

Telehealth is being used now more than ever before. With contactless visits and limited in-person interaction, telehealth has been a valuable tool Digital patient intake makes it easy for your practice to offer telehealth. This allows patients to complete their intake information online so that they can then engage in a virtual visit. Experts expect that telehealth use will continue once the pandemic is over. For providers who wish to offer telehealth, a digital patient intake solution is also important.

Improved Patient Experience

Lastly, the entire intake process helps to improve the patient experience. Not only is this a more convenient and thorough way to collect PHI before a visit, but it also streamlines the patient experience. Patients can experience lower in-office wait times or choose to utilize the virtual visit. They can take their time going through their forms. Digital patient intake also allows the patient to fill out their forms whenever works for them, not just during practice hours.

During an age where patients expect a certain level of digital interaction from their providers, a quality digital patient intake solution can help. To learn more about a quality software solution for your organization, click here.