How Chronic Care Management Programs Improve Ability to Manage Patients

Every eligible provider should implement a quality Chronic Care Management program in 2023. CCM is an incredible way to improve the lives of chronically ill patients everywhere. Helping them achieve improved outcomes and symptoms management, this program is truly making a difference. It is also helping providers introduce new revenue into their organization through the Chronic Care Management reimbursement program. By implementing a quality program, you can better manage patients by staying in contact between visits, reaching the patient in their homes, address more red flags in their care, and reduce the overall cost of their care. Below are four ways that CCM helps providers improve patient management.

Chronic Care Management and Patients:

Contact Between Visits

When you partner with a quality CCM vendor, you can stay in contact with patients between visits. Your vendor is available 24/7 for patients in need. They work as an extension of your organization to make sure your patients are always connected. Contact between visits improves patient engagement and interaction so that your patients never feel like you are not listening. They are more likely to stay involved and less likely to be overwhelmed by the unknowns surrounding their conditions.

Help Patients in their Home

Once a patient gets home, it can be difficult for them to remember and share every detail of their living conditions, their symptoms, and their overall health. A quality chronic care management program ensures that your patients are connected, even in their own home and community. Your vendor will work with your patient to address prescription discrepancies, connect them to resources, and partner them with community resources to maximize their care outside of the office.

Address More Red Flags

Patients that are suffering from multiple chronic conditions are more likely to experience new red flags in their health on a regular basis. A quality Chronic Care Management program helps address these red flags as they appear. With constant contact with someone in their corner, they can keep their care organized. As more red flags and new symptoms are addressed, patients are more likely to experience positive outcomes. Chronic Care Management truly improves patient lives.

Reduce Cost of Care

As new symptoms or health issues come up, a chronically ill patient might be tempted to go to the emergency room. Emergency Department visits are a huge cost to the patient. Chronic Care Management helps to reduce the cost of care for the patient,

 so they are spending less on emergency visits. If a patient is concerned about a new symptom or something they are experiencing, they can contact a chronic care management specialist. This specialist can help them avoid the emergency department and decrease their overall cost of care.

With the right program, your patients will achieve more positive outcomes, save money, and stay connected. In order to better manage their patients with chronic conditions, providers need this program. To learn more about a quality Chronic Care Management program and vendor of services, click here.