Patient Portal Market Set to Grow Significantly by 2026

In a recent market research report on “Research Report on Patient Portal Market: By Product Type, Size Share, Applications, Growth Analysis and Forecast, 2020-2026” published by Facts & Factors, insights were provided that will see the patient portal market rise. This includes in-depth research and analysis into the patient portal industry trends, market developments, and technological insights. The patient portal is the top patient engagement tool in 2020. Use is only expected to grow across the patient portal market between now and 2026. Below are features of the patient portal that make it so useful for patients and providers.

Why is the Patient Portal Useful to Patients and Providers?

Online Bill Management

Medical billing is historically difficult to manage and understand for the patient. With a quality patient portal, it no longer has to be. The right vendor offers a fully integrated portal that helps your patients manage their bills online. Here, patients can view, understand, ask questions, and pay on their medical expenses. With credit card processing, patients can also pay their medical bills in a way that makes sense to them. This improves the patient experience in an area that has been historically difficult to do so.

Online bill management also helps the provider. With an increased dependency on patient payments that is growing each year, providers need an effective way to collect patient balances. An online bill management tool helps patients feel more comfortable paying their bills. This helps providers collect more on patient payments.

Request Appointments

Appointment scheduling and follow-up compliance are important in every practice. The easier it is for a patient to schedule and review their appointments, the more likely they are to engage in the future. Your patient portal can make it easy for patients to view and request appointments. This helps them avoid phone hold times while giving them a comprehensive view of what appointments are available for them to choose from. Overall, patients prefer digital appointment scheduling and requests.

Message Provider/Patient

A simple way for patients and providers to interact is beyond valuable in today’s digital age. The easier it is for a patient to ask questions and talk to their provider, the more likely they are to do so. A quality patient portal makes this easy.

Built with a state-of-the-art messaging system, patients and providers can connect in an instant. Here, patients can ask important health-related questions, address concerns and hopefully prevent red flags in their care.  Providers can also use this tool to inform patients on their care plan, discuss results, and more.

Instant Lab/Test Review

The patient portal also gives patients a simple and valuable way to understand their care. With instant test results, patients can view and ask questions about their results. Providers can easily type in and inform patients about what their results mean and what their next steps will look like. Rather than having to wait until their next visit, patients can start addressing the red flags of their care as well as find relief in quick results.

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