3 Solutions That Will Help Your Practice Create A Virtual Waiting Room

The digital age is here and your practice needs a virtual waiting room. Digital solutions offer a special kind of convenience and ease to the patient experience that is not achievable otherwise. Patients are continually frustrated by the check-in process and its notoriously long wait time. By implementing quality digital solutions to take the waiting room out of your office, your practice will improve the patient experience, engagement, and more. The right technology can help keep your patients safe during COVID-19 and reduce waiting times for in-office visits. Below are three solutions that will help your practice create a quality virtual waiting room.

Tools for a Virtual Waiting Room:

Digital Patient Registration

Digital patient registration or digital patient intake is an amazing tool for creating a positive patient experience. In years past, patients had to fill out their intake forms in person with the traditional pen, paper, and clipboard. Digital patient registration takes this process and puts it in a virtual waiting room rather than in person. Through a secure platform, patients can fill out their forms. Here they can update their PHI and payer information so that your practice has everything they need.

This tool, when offered by a quality vendor, uploads all patient intake data directly into their chart. A quality virtual waiting room gives your team the most up-to-date set of data right at the start of the visit. This improves the quality of provider decision-making.

This virtual waiting room tool is also much more convenient for your patients as it allows them to fill out their forms at a time that makes the most sense to their busy life. They can take their time working through their intake forms without delaying wait times at your practice.

Patient Portal

The patient portal is the number one tool for patient engagement in healthcare. A quality patient portal that integrates with your other practice technology can help you create a virtual waiting room. Here, patients can receive updates about their appointment. You can inform them of what to expect when they get to the office, where to check-in, and what they need to complete before they come in.

This virtual waiting room tool also gives patients the chance to ask questions they might not have remembered to ask during their visit, schedule appointments, and more. This keeps your team off of the phone and focused on more critical tasks.

Queue Management Solution

The last tool that will help you create the perfect virtual waiting room is a quality queue management solution. This digital tool truly takes your waiting room out of the office. This tool notifies your patient on their mobile device when it is time to come inside after their virtual check-in. Instrumental during the Coronavirus pandemic, this tool has proven its worth. One the pandemic is over, providers can use this tool to decrease crowded waiting rooms, eliminate long wait times, and improve the patient experience. With a quality interface that helps your team track who is in line and how many people are waiting, you can run more efficiently and offer the patient a better overall waiting experience.

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