6 Features Neurosurgeons Need in their Neurosurgery EHR

Complex providers need a complex yet simple-to-use tool found in a quality Neurosurgery EHR. Neurosurgeons are some of the most respected and experienced in the field. They cannot be without the quality technology they need to deliver patient care. Not every EHR is equipped with the tools and technology that neurosurgeons need to work at their best pace. Below are 6 features of a quality Neurosurgery EHR building for your team.

Features of Quality Neurosurgery EHR

User-Friendly Scheduling

Appointments with neurosurgeons often are met with pre-visit requirements from the payer. A quality Neurosurgery EHR should be built with a top of the line user-friendly scheduler. With the right scheduling tools, your team will not miss a single detail. A quality tool should have the ability to create pre-determined requirements for visits. This ensures your team always collects the necessary information prior to a visit.

Mobile Dictation

Mobile dictation is non-negotiable for the on-the-go provider. Mobile Neurosurgery EHR access ensures that providers have everything they need at their fingertips. While they move from appointment to appointment, this tool increases efficiency and accuracy. Only the right vendor can make sure your mobile dictation tools are up to the high standard of your medical facility.

Custom Templates

Specialists need flexibility in their documentation. Documentation tools that work for one provider might not work for the next. Customizable and tailored documentation tools can be found within a quality Neurosurgery EHR. Custom templates allow providers to adjust their documenting forms and templates to fit what they need most.

Real-time Eligibility Checking

Payer coverage for specialists varies greatly for neurosurgeons. Your Neurosurgery EHR should come with a quality eligibility verification tool. Real-time eligibility verification tools help your practice optimize revenue while increasing office efficiency. Time your staff might normally spend tracking down payer information and eligibility is better to spend on other critical practice tasks. This information is gathered and verified prior to the appointment to protect the provider’s payment.

Claims Submission

Claims submission tools should always be included in your Neurosurgery EHR. Believe it or not, not every Vendor of Electronic Health Records has an integrated billing component to their software. Integrated billing and claims submission tools help your practice optimize revenue and efficiency. Your providers can document and submit claims all in one software without having to switch back and forward or complete it later in their day. This helps bring in payments faster than ever and also keeps your provider focused on their patients without compromising billing.

Secure Patient Portal

Lastly, your Neurosurgery EHR should come with a state of the art and secure patient portal. Providers need this in order to keep your patients engaged, patient payments collected on time, simplify scheduling processes and more. With a secure patient portal, providers can digitize inbound inquiries, offer digital patient intake, communicate with their patients and so much more. The patient portal is the number one tool for patient engagement in 2020, offering patients the outlet they need to stay connected to all their providers.

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