How Neurosurgery Technology Can Increase Patient Satisfaction

Your Neurosurgery practice is working diligently to provide high-quality care to patients coming in and out of your doors. With the right tools, increasing patient satisfaction and patient engagement is much simpler. Your neurosurgery technology should offer support to your patients and your staff to reduce wait times, give your patients the answers they’re looking for, and help them succeed as they pursue medical care. The right Neurosurgery technology can increase patient satisfaction in the following ways:

The Impact of Neurosurgery Technology:

1) Access to a Quality Patient Portal

A patient portal is arguably one of the most effective ways to improve patient satisfaction at your Neurosurgery practice. This feature of quality Neurosurgery technology makes it easy for your patients to stay plugged in. Here they can view their PHI, understand their treatment plan, review and request prescriptions, and communicate with their providers. Giving your patient a simple way to stay connected to your practice is essential to improving their experience. Make sure your Neurosurgery technology is fitted with a quality patient portal to help your patients succeed.

2) Comprehensive View of PHI

Through their patient portal, the patient gains a comprehensive and complete view of their Personal Health Information (PHI). Your Neurosurgery technology must give patients as much access to information as possible in order to impact the patient experience and help your patients stay involved. Access to information not only gives you patients the tools they need to understand and take action in regard to their health, but it helps them stay prepared and ask questions along the way.

3) Real-Time Test Results

Reiterating the fact that access to information is power in the hands of the patient, your Neurosurgery technology should offer your patients real-time test results. Lab integration allows your patients to see results as they come in while reviewing what their physician has to say about them. Quick access to these results offers patients, who might be anxiously waiting, peace-of-mind and offers other patients insight into their next steps with their doctors.

4) Make Payments

One of the best ways to increase patient payments is to offer your patients as many repayment options as possible. Your Neurosurgery technology should be equipped with digital payment processing options that allow patients to make a payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their credit card. Here, patients can also better understand their bill, set reminders, and more.

5) Digital Patient Intake

Digital patient intake is an incredible tool found in some Neurosurgery technology that helps providers reduce wait times while increasing the accuracy of their patient’s chart. Digital intake is possible from a computer or tablet so that patients can take their time filling out their PHI, history, insurance, and more without having a negative impact on wait times. This also eliminates the transcriptions process, reducing human error in each chart.

6) Insurance Eligibility Verification

Insurance eligibility verification found in your Neurosurgery technology offers your practice the chance to verify coverage in real-time. Your team can verify benefits status, copay, coinsurance, and services covered with a single click of the mouse. This cuts down the time your team spends on the phone gathering this information while also reducing the time spent in the waiting room. Insurance eligibility verification in your Neurosurgery technology helps protect your payment and your patient from unexpected medical costs and a delay in payment.

Your Neurosurgery technology needs to support your team and your patients in a way that helps your practice run like a well-oiled machine. To learn more about how Neurosurgery technology can help your practice grow, click here.