Why Your Neurosurgery Software Should Be Accessible via Mobile in 2020

It seems like everything is accessible from a mobile device these days, and it should be! Having access to important tools and information from wherever you are is vital to improving the quality of care you deliver to your patients and the caliber of work you are putting out each day. This applies to the software you are using at your Neurosurgery facility. Quality Neurosurgery software with mobile access enables specialty providers to create/modify existing encounters from wherever they are, capture and upload patient images directly into their chart, access important PHI in real-time, send secure messages to their team and patients, and utilize outstanding dictation tools. Keep reading to learn more about how the right Neurosurgery software with mobile access can benefit your practice.

Features/Benefits of Mobile Neurosurgery Software:

Create/Modify Existing Encounters

Having the most accurate and updated information possible at all times is essential to the development and execution of quality clinical decisions. With mobile Neurosurgery software, providers can take their practice on the go.

In the past, providers had to wait to create or modify encounters until they returned to the office. With the help of cloud-based technology, providers no longer have to wait. Neurosurgery software with mobile access makes it possible for providers to create and modify existing encounters at the time of service, ensuring the patient’s chart and practice data are always up to date.

Capture/Upload Patient Images

Packing a patient’s chart with the most useful information possible encourages better clinical decisions and assessments right off the bat. With mobile access from your Neurosurgery software, providers can capture and upload important patient images directly into the individual’s chart from their mobile device. This can be incredibly useful when specialists need to track certain visual details, like incision sights, rather than having to describe the appearance with words. Not only will this save the specialist much needed time in their documenting and decision-making processes, but it will more accurately reflect certain areas of the patient’s progress and health.

Real-time Access

Quality Neurosurgery software with mobile access will also make it possible for your practice to access important patient data, like medications, problems, notes, and more, in real-time. This makes it easy for providers to quickly recall specific patient details and improve the quality of care they are able to deliver. Increased access to quality information leads to better responses and better outcomes.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Complete access to secure communication technology is important on all sides of healthcare. Increased access to patient communication tools helps to increase patient engagement and satisfaction. HIPAA compliant messaging in your mobile neurosurgery software will also help providers stay connected to their team.

Without compromising the security of patient health information or practice data, your mobile neurosurgery software helps you communicate with your team in seconds. Much like instant messaging or text messaging, you can quickly correspond with a member of your organization to gather important information and answers to relevant questions.

Dictation Tools

Outstanding dictation tools are another incredible mobile feature of neurosurgery software that empowers providers to more efficiently take notes and document throughout their work-day. With this tool, providers can quickly record information, set reminders, and document a chart without having to worry. Quality voice-transcribing technology ensures that reliable information is recorded while you round or navigate your busy day.

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