Two Vital Features to Have in Your Neurosurgery EHR

An integrated solution is non-negotiable when it comes to your health practice technology. A specialty-specific neurosurgery EHR can help you better care for your patients and increase patient engagement, but it can also help you prevent claim denials, increase clean claims, and grow your bottom line. With an integrated neurosurgery EHR and billing solution, your practice will have the tools to accomplish this. Below are two vital features to have in your neurosurgery EHR that can help you do this.

Real-time Eligibility Verification

1) Peace-of-Mind

Real-time eligibility verification in our neurosurgery EHR is the key to gaining piece-of-mind that your payment is on the way. Without it, many providers render services to patients who are not covered. This means no payer reimbursement for the provider and a patient responsibility balance that is much more difficult to collect on.

With real-time eligibility verification, providers can verify coverage prior to rendering services and gain peace-of-mind that their patient is covered, and reimbursement is coming.

2) Increase Patient Payment

A huge reason that patient responsibility balances are notoriously difficult to collect on is that they catch the patient off guard. Many patients assume that their insurance covers the services rendered by their provider and are surprised when they receive a large bill in the mail.

Insurance verification in your neurosurgery EHR helps the patient know, going into the visit, what their balance will be and what they are responsible for paying. Preparing the patient for this balance helps them prepare emotionally and financially for when the time comes to pay the bill.

3) Improve Staff Efficiency

In the past, practice staff would have to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies, nailing down estimates for the cost of services and determining whether or not the patient is covered for services. Even with your staff working as quickly as possible, this information was not always gathered prior to the rendering of services.

With a neurosurgery EHR that includes real-time eligibility verification, the provider can gain access to this information in moments, eliminating the need for your staff to spend hours on the phone and increasing efficiency.

Claims Submission

1) Review Claims

A fully integrated neurosurgery EHR enables providers to quickly review and file claims so that they can receive reimbursement as quickly as possible. Billing features in a quality neurosurgery EHR help providers sort and file claims based on each payer and their billing period so that providers never let a claims slip through the cracks.

Billing features also include claims review and scrubbing, helping providers identity errors in medical coding prior to claims submission to maximize clean claims and minimize denials.

2) Review Practice Financials

A billing dashboard in your neurosurgery EHR can help you practice better understand what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong so that you can make changes to improve your bottom line.

With this tool, your practice can identify the most common causes for denials such as errors in medical coding or the time the claim was submitted, and course-correct accordingly.

The right neurosurgery EHR can help your practice improve its workflow, increase patient engagement, and optimize your billing process. To learn more about an EHR solution that can help your practice grow, click here.