6 Things to Look for in a Neurosurgery Software for the On-The-Go Neurosurgeon

As a busy neurosurgeon, you have no time to waste. You need the best neurosurgery software to support your complicated workflow, track every important detail, and support your On-The-Go regimen. In order to secure the best workflow results while still offering your patients the attention and detail they deserve, your neurosurgery software matters. Below are the top features to look for in your neurosurgery software.

Top 2 On-The-Go Features:

1) Mobile EHR

Mobile access to your neurosurgery is not an option in 2023. You must have it in order to optimize your decision making and equip yourself with the information and data you need to do your job. A mobile EHR allows physicians to securely access patient health information, communicate with their patients, and document in their chart on-the-go.

2) Outstanding Dictation

This Mobile EHR feature is essential for optimizing efficiency while on rounds. Your neurosurgery software vendor should offer an outstanding dictation tool that helps providers chart accurately and efficiently while maintaining the reliability of the patient’s data. This feature should be available in and out of the mobile app to empower physicians to scribe on the move.

Other Features to Look for in Your Neurosurgery Software:

1) Quality Patient Portal

Your patients need the right tools in order to effectively engage in their medical care. One of the best tools you can give your patient is the patient portal. A secure patient portal will give your patients 24-hour access to their PHI from absolutely anywhere. They can track their own vitals, see their test results, and communicate with their neurosurgeon all from their computer. Here they can prepare for their visits and learn their part for their best chance at a positive outcome.

2) Image Capture

Image capture is another great feature providers should look for in their mobile software. This feature enables physicians to capture images and upload them directly into the patient’s chart. This is an incredible feature of neurosurgery software as it can help inform decisions down the road and track visual progress throughout the course of treatment.

3) Secure Interactions

The ability to securely communicate with your patients and your staff is vital for any on-the-go neurosurgeon. The neurosurgery software your practice uses should enable your team to interact via secure messaging without putting your practice data at risk. In healthcare, a provider can never just send a text asking a question about a patient or make a request to their team. Your software should make it easy for your team to communicate with one another while remaining HIPAA compliant.

4) Total Integration 

Total integration from your neurosurgery software is necessary to optimize your practice’s workflow and achieve your goals. Integrated billing in your neurosurgery software will help optimize your reimbursements through more clean claims and improved denial response. It also increases patient payments with digital payment processing. Integrated practice management will offer a simpler scheduling solution for patients so they can schedule on their patient portal and track their appointments. Ask your vendor if their neurosurgery software solution will integrate completely with your other practice software.

To learn more about an on-the-go neurosurgery software solution that will promote growth and efficiency at your practice, click here.