Increase Your Practice’s Revenue with Chronic Care Management

For providers looking for ways to better serve their patients while growing their bottom line, it is time to consider implementing Chronic Care Management (CCM). CCM is helping providers access an entirely new stream of revenue without overextending their resources. Providers offering chronic care services in 2023 are earning as much as 85 thousand dollars each year per billing physician. This is the opportunity that many providers have been searching for as the landscape for practice revenue is changing every day.

Providers who used to depend on reimbursement from insurance providers are now struggling to get on-time and in-full payments from their patients. CCM is helping medical practices all across the country reach their revenue goals while also giving chronically ill patients a new chance at life.

In order to optimize your results after Implementing Chronic Care Management, providers should consider outsourcing services to a qualified vendor.

Outsourcing Chronic Care Management Makes a Difference:

1) Optimize Revenue Stream

While providers managing Chronic Care Management in-house are trying to earn that astounding 85k a year for each physician, many are not reaching it. Managing CCM services in-house is time consuming, laborious, and tedious for providers who have a mountain already on their plate. Outsourcing Chronic Care management gives providers the opportunity to truly maximize their reimbursements through a quality partnership with a CCM expert. By handing over the administrative responsibility to the vendor, you will maximize your reimbursements and see the best results possible. 

2) Reduced Staffing Costs

Running an in-house Chronic Care Management effort includes staffing those new positions. Outsourcing Chronic Care Management gives providers the chance to eliminate burdens like staff turnaround, training, and staffing costs by handing these roles over to their vendor. With reductions in staffing/training costs, providers will see a change in their revenue outside of the already beneficial CCM reimbursement.

Other CCM Benefits:

1) 1:1 Patient Interactions

A quality vendor of services will help provide personal, 1:1 patient interactions to your eligible patients. A team of experts will serve as an extension of your practice, offering the same personal touch your in-house staff would. Designated individuals will help their corresponding patients address medical and psychosocial needs during their systematic assessments, making sure your patients are achieving the best results possible.

2) Medication Reconciliation

Patients who are treated by multiple specialists are often at risk for dangerous conflicts in their medications. Chronic Care Management bridges the gap between each treating physician. Your vendor can help reconcile these contradictions in medications so that the patient is using the correct dosage at all times. CCM is bridging the gap between all of a patient’s providers.

3) Improved Patient Outcomes

The utilization of chronic care management services is improving the lives of patients all across the country. Through care coordination services, patients with multiple chronic conditions are finally getting the care they deserve. Improved scheduling, medication reconciliation, tailored education, and the unified effort of their providers is leading to a better quality of life and better outcomes for these patients across the board.

Providers implementing Chronic Care Management are seeking life-saving results while also growing their practice revenue. To learn more about CCM and how it could help your practice grow, click here.