Which Chronic Care Management Vendors Are A Good Fit for My Practice?

The partnership that many providers are forming with quality Chronic Care Management vendors across the US is changing the lives of patients, everywhere. Patients gain access to life-changing resources like care coordination, prescription assistance, medication reconciliation, and education that lead them to better outcomes and a better quality of life. The key to successful CCM is a Chronic Care Management vendor who can provide the support you and your patients need.

Features of a Quality Chronic Care Management Vendor:

1)    An Extension of Your Practice

Removing the added stress of startup costs, your Chronic care management vendor should work as an extension of your practice. Working with patients one on one, care specialists representing your practice provide patients with guidance throughout their healthcare journey. They should work diligently to make sure each patient as a positive experience, representing your organization while providing you will the full-scope of health regarding your chronically ill patients.

2)    They Should Carry the Burden

Some providers worry that implementing CCM at their practice will impart a huge burden in regard to the time it takes to run and the administrative headache that comes with it. This should never be the case. Your Chronic Care Management vendor should shoulder these burdens so that your practice does not have to. Your practice can reap the benefits and rewards of offering chronic care services to its patients while avoiding the inconveniences of offering a new service.

3)    Reports & Marketing Assistance

A huge part of successfully implementing CCM is getting patients to sign up for services. Your CCM vendor should provide the appropriate reporting and marketing assistance so that you can get patients interested and engaged in the program. This will save your practice from having to spend time and resources on getting patients involved while still growing your reimbursements.

What Implementing CCM Can Do for Your Practice:

1)    Impact Revenue

Implementing CCM at your practice offers the opportunity to introduce an entirely new stream of revenue with additional reimbursements. Your practice can earn up to 85k a year per billing provider, greatly impacting your revenue and helping your practice grow. CCM can also impact your revenue by reducing staffing costs. Your CCM vendor staffs their own operation, eliminating the cost of training and staff turnaround that providers run into with an in-house process.

2)    Over Life-Changing Resources

Your Chronic Care Management vendor can help your practice implement life-changing resources for your patients. These resources include 1:1 patient interactions, the review of their personalized care plans, tailored education, online care management portal, medication reconciliation, and more. By working with the right Chronic Care Management vendor, your patients can begin to navigate their care more easily. They will begin to experience a better quality of life as their symptoms get addressed more efficiently and effectively as their providers are working together closely to help them.

In order to successfully implement CCM at your practice, you need the best Chronic Care Management vendor for the job. To learn more, click here.