How Digital Patient Engagement Solutions Improve the Patient Experience

A digital patient engagement solution can improve the patient experience. The growing use of digital solutions are helping providers reach their patients now a deeper level. In today’s world, patients depend on and expect digital processes in nearly everything they do. With computers in our pockets, nearly everything is online in 2023. Digital patient engagement solutions are the key to improve the patient experience and keeping your patients involved now and in the future.

Where Do Providers Need to Start?

Providers need to shift their focus on their patient’s primary concerns, expectations, perceptions, and safety. Particularly during and after the COVID-18 pandemic, transformative engagement is nonnegotiable. Hospitals, practices, and clinics must streamline all interactions in order to improve the patient experience. The following tools can help you streamline patient interactions.

Helpful Digital Patient Engagement Solutions:

Digital Patient Intake

Digital patient intake is a simple to use and patient-centred tool, that also streamlines workflow processes for your organization. Rather than fill out traditional paper intake forms in your waiting rooms, this digital patient engagement solution is filled out from the patient’s home. Patients log in to their patient portal and update their information for their visit. This improves that patient experience by shortening wait times, allowing them to engage virtually, and removing the pressure of time. Digital intake also improves the overall accuracy of data in a patient’s chart, ensuring your providers have the best information for use later on.


This digital patient engagement solution has had a huge impact on the patient experience in 2023. With the pandemic still in full swing, telehealth is helping patients stay engaged from home. They can log-in to their patient portal and utilize telehealth to visit with their providers. Not only is this keeping individuals safe during the pandemic, but it will continue to impact engagement once it is over.

Queue Management Solution

Many providers are adopting quality queue management tools in conjunction with their other digital patient engagement solutions to improve the patient experience. For patients who are attending in-person visits, this tool allows patients to check-in from their cars. They can track themselves in line, receive updates about their visit, and receive notifications for when to enter the building. This is lowering overlapping foot traffic in your office and keeping patients safe. But it is also improving the patient waiting experience by letting them wait where they feel more comfortable.

Digital Front Door

Lastly, a digital patient engagement solution that will truly make a difference is a digital front door. A digital front door provides tools like a phone, chatbot, and messaging systems to help keep your patients connected. This frees up the time of your staff without compromising the patient experience. This tool enables patients to receive updates and assistance with their visit, streamlining interactions. Patients can use this tool to complete different processes like prescription refills and appointment requests.

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