HIMSS Global Conference 2023: Top Trends and Takeaways 

We just returned from the Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Chicago. Over 35,000 people gathered to hear leading technologists and innovators discuss the latest healthcare industry news. 

And the energy was incredible! It was so exciting to explore the exhibits and learn about the latest healthcare technology. Every corner had something to offer—leaders giving keynotes, exhibitors showcasing their latest projects, bustling crowds of knowledgeable people.  

 We had such a great time, and every day was filled with knowledge, networking, and collaboration. This article will highlight our HIMSS23 takeaways on what’s trending in the healthcare industry right now. 

 HIMSS23 – Key Takeaways 

After much exploration, here are our top takeaways on what’s hot in the healthcare industry this year: 

 Interoperability and Data Exchange 

One of the most significant challenges facing healthcare today is the inability to efficiently exchange health information across different systems. At HIMSS23, there was a strong focus on improving the interoperability and connectivity of these systems.  

 Interoperability is the ability for different systems to communicate with each other seamlessly. The exchange of health information between different providers is critical to ensure coordinated and effective patient care.  

 Experts discussed the possibility of improving data exchange by standardizing health data formats, promoting data-sharing among providers and patients, and increasing patient access to their health information.  

 There were also discussions on the adoption of interoperability standards and how they will help healthcare providers to improve care coordination, reduce medical errors, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

 A.I. in Healthcare  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gradually gaining traction in the healthcare industry over the years. However, recently there has been a surge in the use of AI and machine learning tools within healthcare organizations.  

 At HIMSS23, there was much debate and discussion around how to integrate AI into clinical workflows while also ensuring they remain transparent and ethical. There was much discussion around how AI tools can be used to improve patient outcomes, enhance diagnostics, and streamline operations.  

 One exciting use of AI in healthcare is the ability to automate time-consuming, clerical tasks that are often done manually. AI can help reduce paperwork and save time, freeing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.  

 Numerous tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon were in attendance to highlight their collaborations with healthcare organizations. All three are paving the way for the creation and adoption of cutting-edge health solutions using generative AI. 

 Amazon unveiled an exciting suite of Alexa Smart Properties (ASP) for Healthcare that offers providers new possibilities to modernize device fleet management and build Alexa capabilities at scale while providing quality care.  

 These innovative capabilities include WebRTC Support, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) support, and WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi. 

 Amazon is also launching the Echo Show 15. With a larger screen than other Echo devices and improved accessibility features, its plastic and glass case materials are ideal for sanitizing in hospital settings.  


As healthcare organizations are relying more heavily on digital systems and data, cybersecurity and data privacy has become a critical concern. That’s why HIMSS23 highlighted the importance ensuring patient data and implementing robust security. 

 Cybersecurity experts discussed a drop in ransomware attacks, suggesting that the healthcare industry has been making progress in strengthening defenses. This news is encouraging, as it reflects that hospitals and health systems are taking serious measures to protect patient data.  

 However, the experts are still warning us to remain vigilant, pointing out that potential attackers could be finding new ways to launch attacks. Moreover, the healthcare industry has been struggling to retain skilled cybersecurity professionals who are highly sought after and can command higher salaries in other industries. 

 An Emphasis on the Patient 

Patient engagement and experience are crucial factors in healthcare. And yet, most healthcare professionals agree that the industry needs to do better in terms of affordability, accessibility, and convenience.  

 HIMSS23 addressed the use of technology to improve patient engagement and experience, including through patient portals, digital tools, and wearables.  

 Industry experts also touched on value-based care, an approach that emphasizes improving patient outcomes while controlling costs.  

 Healthcare leaders and professionals discussed how technology can be used as a tool to drive value-based initiatives such as remote patient monitoring, predictive analytics, and care coordination tools.  

 Accelerator Programs for Startups 

Emerging healthcare startups are also getting in on the action. Health Gorilla, a leading Health Information Network, recently announced its launch of the HG Accelerator Program.  

 Under this program, early-stage healthcare startups can access Health Gorilla’s portfolio of healthcare data APIs, software, and services free of charge.  

 This program offers an opportunity for emerging healthcare startups to leverage the power of generative AI, enabling them to create innovative solutions that can significantly improve healthcare outcomes. 

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