Delivering Effective Chronic Care Management in 2021

Chronic Care Management is now a cornerstone of quality care for providers across the country. Since 2015, providers everywhere have been implementing quality programs to help their patients achieve better outcomes and increase revenue. While some providers are utilizing an in-house team for their care coordination services, others are outsourcing services to a quality vendor. Depending on which route you take, your results may differ. The truth is, delivering an effective Chronic Care Management program hinges on several different factors. Your healthcare organization needs to establish a quality foundation with the right tools and services in place to make sure you are optimizing results. The key to optimizing your care coordination program in 2021 is to adhere to the following steps below.

The Key to an Effective Chronic Care Management Program in 2021:


Communication is one of the most important components of a Chronic Care Management program. This includes communication with current program participants as well as communication with potential eligible patients. Providers need to make sure they have a quality team in place ready to jump in and help patients at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a patient’s monthly phone call, or a patient reaching out for medical assistance, communication is key to success.

Your practice also needs to have a good system set up for marketing its Chronic Care Management program to new participants. If your program is not set up to bring in the maximum number of participants, you will have a difficult time growing and optimizing your care coordination program.

Educate Your Staff

Every member of your team from the front office to the back-of-house billing needs to be educated on the inner workings of the program. Education across your entire team is vital for your Chronic Care Management program. Educating your front office staff will help bring the program to the attention of potential participants. Educating your back-of-house billing department will help you optimize reimbursements. Educating and training everyone in-between will streamline your program to ensure patients are getting the best care.

Right Frame of Mind

Implementing a new program can be intimidating and frustrating. If your team is not on board, the process will be that much harder. For this reason, providers need to make sure their team is prepared and on-board with the Chronic Care Management implementation process. The more of your staff that is ready to learn and apply, the easier your program will be established. The smoother your transition process goes, the faster your practice can begin offering patients their best chance at a quality outcome and start bringing in an additional revenue stream.

Utilize a Quality Vendor

A quality Chronic Care Management partner is the key to this entire equation. An experienced and established vendor can smooth every single part of the process. They can help prepare, inform, and train your entire team on the inner workings of care coordination services. They can connect you to tools and resources that help you optimize your program. Not only that, but they can also manage your program for you rather than host an in-house team. A quality vendor will work as an extension of your practice so that your team can truly optimize the Chronic Care Management program.

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