Nephrology EHR Advanced Dialysis Tracking in 2021

2021 is here and your Nephrology practice needs a Nephrology EHR with advanced dialysis tracking. Electronic Health Records (EHR) are now required to be a part of any practice. In order to adhere to regulations, some providers opted for a simple EHR solution. The negative impact of this decision was that the software adopted was not tailored to the needs of their practice and specialty. Specialty providers need a quality solution that is designed for their specific practice. For Nephrologists, this means adopting a specialty-specific Nephrology EHR. With the right partner who understands the needs of your specialty, you can access high-quality tools that help you work more efficiently, effectively, accurately, and in a way that better helps your patients. Only the best Nephrology EHRs come with advanced dialysis tracking.

A Nephrology EHR with Advanced Dialysis Tracking

Nephrologists often have to travel from location to location to work with dialysis patients each day. Dialysis tracking in a Nephrology EHR can help make this easier with the following features:

Manage Patients by Location and Shift

Rather than work from a master list of patients that demands manual organization, advanced dialysis tracking in a high-quality specialty EHR does this for you. Your Nephrology EHR automatically manages patients by location and shift. This keeps every patient organized for providers and their staff so they are always prepared for what is ahead of them. By eliminating the manual processes associated with tracking, providers can easily access an automatically produced digital list at the start of their shift.

Dialysis Rounding

Dialysis rounding takes the organization of patients one step further. This feature help providers keep all of their patient’s data in order. This list will help providers pinpoint and identify all patients with less than four visits logged for the month. This ensures that every patient is getting the attention they need while also ensuring you are on track for your reimbursement. Not only this, but an advanced Nephrology EHR automatically notifies providers when a patient changes locations or cancels their visit, so there is never any wasted time.

Log Comprehensive Visits

Comprehensive visits are vital for reimbursements. In order to maximize revenue, every dialysis patient needs to complete their monthly comprehensive visit. A Nephrology EHR worth using tracks this information automatically. With this tool it will be impossible for a patient to slip through the cracks without their necessary visits, maximizing your revenue. A Nephrology EHR makes it easy to stay organized and on track for optimal patient outcomes and reimbursements.

Visit Notes

Lastly, a quality Nephrology EHR comes with documentation and note-taking tools perfect for the on-the-go provider. State-of-the-art dictation tools help providers take notes on the go. Not only this, but customizable templates enable you to document the way your specific practice needs to. Only the best vendors of Nephrology EHR software offer the flexibility and configuration you need in your Electronic Health Record.

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