Advanced Tools Your Nephrology EHR Needs in 2021

Your organization needs a Nephrology EHR that has advanced and specialized tools. Nephrologists are extremely busy, traveling from location to location and working with dozens of dialysis patients each day. This can quickly become complicated without the right technology. Manually tracking where each of your patients are as well as where you are supposed to be and when can quickly become disorganized. With the help of an advanced Nephrology EHR, providers can streamline their workflow, stay organized, reduce burnout, and optimize their bottom line. Below are three tools and benefits that specialists need in their nephrology EHR in 2021.

Nephrology EHR Tools

Dialysis EHR Billing

In the past, providers spent a wealth of their time filing each dialysis claim one-by-one. Extremely time-consuming, this also led to an increase in errors in each claim, late or missing claims, and delays in payment. With a specialized Nephrology EHR, your team can gain access to advanced dialysis EHR billing. This helps providers file dozens of claims instantaneously. The software automatically sorts claims based on biller, payment cycle, visit number, and type of service. Providers can accomplish so much more in a fraction of the time with this tool. Ultimately, this helps reduce billing errors and boost a nephrologist’s bottom line.

Dialysis Rounding

Providers need a simple way to keep track of their dialysis schedule in the most organized way possible. Dialysis rounding enables a specialist to sort patients on priority by location, the number of comprehensive monthly visits to complete, and the number of patients to see overall. It also shines a spotlight on patients who have yet to meet the four-visit threshold, helping providers maximize reimbursement each month. By achieving a streamlined workflow that is well-organized and manageable, providers can optimize their time and increase production output as a result. Dialysis rounding helps boost revenue.

Dialysis Reporting

Lastly, providers need a Nephrology EHR that comes with dialysis reporting. Dialysis reporting creates a summary for nephrologists, highlighting which patients have yet to meet their four-visit threshold for dialysis. It also reports on new patients so that providers can see where and how their practice is growing. This tool also makes it possible for providers to see exactly where there are gaps in their billing, ensuring every claim is filed on time and that the practice is optimizing its reimbursements. Reporting tools in a Nephrology EHR ensure that providers are meeting every goal with precision so that they can always know that the optimal revenue is coming in and patients are all receiving the best care possible.

Nephrologists need an advanced and robust specialty Nephrology EHR to truly accomplish their goals in 2021. Only an experienced vendor who has perfected their technology over time can help you fully optimize your productivity. The right vendor will be there to help your team implement the technology, learn how to use it, and still be there when questions arise. To learn more about a Nephrology EHR worth using, click here.