Why Nephrology EHR Should Have Advanced Dialysis Tracking

Flexibility and organization are important to any Nephrology practice looking to optimize reimbursements using their Nephrology EHR. With the right technology, providers can better keep track of their patients, their appointments by locations, what visits patients still need to complete, and more. For Nephrologists who work most regularly with dialysis patients, keeping track of every detail is essential to earning the most in-full and on-time payments possible. Should important information start to fall through the cracks, your revenue will too. A quality Nephrology software system with Advanced Dialysis tracking is the answer to your practice. This tool gives specialists a simple and convenient way to keep all of their data on track for reimbursement while taking care of patients.

EHR Buyer’s Guide for Nephrologists

Benefits of Advanced Dialysis Tracking in your Nephrology EHR:

Location and Shift Management

Nephrologists often have to travel to multiple locations in one day to reach all their patients. Keeping track of where you need to be and when is necessary to ensure you have time for each patient. Rather than keeping track of your location and shift on your own, your Nephrology EHR will do it for you. Never skip a beat with location and shift management found in a quality Electronic Health Record. Making it easy to keep your appointments organized, your providers can optimize their time at each location.

Automated Rounding

Another important detail to keep track of is what patients you will visit with at each location as well at what level of visit they are to receive. Automated rounding in a Nephrology EHR helps providers do this well. Automatically sorted by location and level of visit, providers never lose track of their patients. This comes in handy when keeping track of which patients still need their required comprehensive monthly visit. Should a patient miss this visit, the provider does not receive their reimbursement. Your Nephrology EHR keeps track of this data for you, so you do not have to. Automated rounding makes sure you never lose out on the chance to optimize reimbursement and give each patient what they need from month-to-month.

Efficient Visit Logs

After each visit with a patient, your nephrology EHR also equips you to quickly log comprehensive or normal dialysis round visits from the rounds list. Navigating easily from page to page, specialists can document more efficiently and ensure each visit is accounted for as they move down their list.

Documentation Tools

Your our Nephrology EHR should enable your team to keep each provider well in the loop. Equipped with documentation tools like visit notes, the patient’s entire clinical care team can stay in the loop regarding their progress. This is essential for improving the quality of patient care as well as the comprehensive understanding of their health across their entire care team.

A specialty-specific Nephrology EHR is essential for any practice that specializes in dialysis patients. Automated and advanced dialysis tracking and rounding ensure no detail goes unaccounted for. To learn more about a quality Nephrology EHR that could help your organization achieve optimal efficiency and revenue, click here.

EHR Buyer’s Guide for Nephrologists