How Telehealth Can Improve Access to Care in 2021

Telehealth has changed healthcare forever and has significantly affected the practice of medicine this past year. Healthcare providers all over the country have quickly implemented telehealth solutions to be able to continue caring for patients during the pandemic. The ripple effects have influenced various patient interactions like engagement, access, satisfaction, and compliance. Patients love having this tool available to them as it meets the digital expectations of 2021. Telehealth is transforming care access and satisfaction.


Patient Satisfaction

Patients are more satisfied now that telehealth is more available than in the past. For most patients, 2020 was the first year they utilized this kind of tool to engage with their provider. With record use over the last year, video visits are here to stay. Patients value telemedicine because it is a convenient, time-efficient, and more accessible form of care. In a time where nearly everything is digital, telehealth brings healthcare up to par.


Provider Satisfaction

While telehealth is loved by patients, it is also loved by providers. When a practice implements a quality telehealth solution, it can positively affect the level and frequency of care you can provide. Physicians appreciate being able to see more patients in one day on average and that patients have an easy way to adhere to follow-up care.


Telehealth and Access to Care


Improve Community Access

Telehealth is also benefiting entire communities, eliminating several different barriers to care. This digital tool means patients do not have to travel to and from their providers, which means less time needs to be allocated to visits. The elimination of travel barriers and time restrictions enables patients to stay more actively connected to their healthcare team. They no longer have to take time off work, travel out of their way, or spend money on gas to stay engaged with their provider. This is incredibly valuable for increasing access to healthcare services and increasing patient engagement.


Increase Adherence to Follow Up Care

Follow-up care is remarkably important for patients and providers wishing to achieve good outcomes. The issue is that many patients will come in for an initial visit but fail to adhere to their follow up care. There are many reasons that this happens, but telehealth eliminates them. A quality telehealth solution helps patients adhere to their follow-up care more easily. Patients can readily access a visit from their patient portal and easily return for their follow-up visits as well. This not only helps the patient achieve a better result, but it helps your practice boost its bottom line.


Easier Specialty Connection

When a PCP or doctor refers someone to a specialist, it can be difficult for the patient to travel all over their city to meet with different physicians. It is often discouraging for a patient to go out of their way to visit with a specialist, even if they could really help them. Telehealth makes it easier for patients to connect with their specialty providers by allowing them to do so remotely. 


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