EHR Implementation: 5 Tips to Succeed

EHR implementation can be a taxing process for practices if not done well. The decision to implement new technology is never an easy one. Without the right steps and plan in place, it can cause a major disruption to the workflow of your organization. Poor training and team development can leave your team confused and frustrated. The key to a successful EHR implementation is having an effective plan in place in addition to a quality vendor. The right partner will work side-by-side with your team while you sort through the growing pains of new technology. At the end of the process, you will have quality technology that your entire team feels comfortable using and access to help when you need it.

The Path to Successful EHR Implementation:

Choose the Right Partner for You

Your vendor can make or break your EHR implementation. The right vendor knows how important the first moments are when adopting new technology. They should work on-site with your team to train them, answer questions, and make sure everything goes smoothly. They should have years of experience helping other teams undergo a successful EHR implementation and reviews to prove their success. They should also offer accessible 24/7 U.S.-based customer support so that your team can always get their questions answered by someone that understands your software and the American healthcare system. Even the best technology will inhibit your team if the right vendor is not there to help you learn it.

Conduct a Workflow Analysis

What does your team need? Before selecting a partner, complete a workflow analysis. This can help you get an accurate idea of your workflow and where there might be holes in your process. By completing a workflow analysis, you can form a list of what is most important to you in the software you’re searching for in order for it to work for your organization. Choosing software that fits your practice will simplify the EHR implementation down the road.

Include Your Whole Team

While your administrative team might have an idea of what is important in new software and vendors, your team needs to be included in the decision process. Each member of your team might have a different idea of what is important. With your entire team collaborating on the decision, you will be able to choose software that works for everyone. A quality vendor will also offer a demo so that your team can try out the software before you make a decision. This ensures that your entire team is happy with whichever technology you decide to implement and will simplify the EHR implementation process.

Embrace Change

Any change is difficult, but technology changes can be especially challenging for healthcare teams. The more on-board your team is with the change, the better the EHR implementation process will be. This is why it is so important to include your entire team in the decision-making process. This will help them embrace the change even though it is challenging. If your team is not on-board, then there will be more challenges throughout the process. 

Train and Retrain

Training is the most important part of your EHR implementation process next to your vendor. Your vendor should offer on-site training and always be available during the EHR implementation process. There are inevitable bumps in the road when changing software, but quality training can smooth them out.

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