Why Urology Practices Need A Specialty-Specific Urology EHR

Your Urology practice needs a specialty-specific Urology EHR to reach its maximum potential. The electronic health record (EHR) now functions as a pillar in every medical practice. When they were first being developed, many providers opted for a “one-size-fits-all” EHR, thinking it would automatically give them what they needed to succeed. This was not always the case. As time passed and software developers learned more about the importance of digital tools in the healthcare landscape, things changed. Providers need a tool that will help them work at their best pace by offering them the specialty-specific tools that they need. For Urologists, this means utilizing a specialty-specific Urology EHR. With this, your team can access specialty-specific tools made just for your practice. Tools like customizable templates, integrated labs, specialty documentation, and Urology billing tools are all designed to help you work more efficiently, increase revenue, and improve patient care.

Benefits of a Specialty-Specific Urology EHR:

Customizable Templates

Every patient is different and so is every interaction. Your team can formulate custom templates to fit your administrative needs and then tailor them to each visit. This allows you to capture information more accurately rather than having to fit information where it is not useful. A non-specialty EHR will force you to sift through useless templates that do not pertain to your specialty, wasting your time and energy while decreasing productivity across your organization. Customizable templates in your Urology EHR will help you more accurately capture data in a way that is beneficial for your specialty.

Integrated Labs, Orders, and Diagnostic Imaging

Urologists, as well as other specialists, have a list of tests, labs, orders, and imaging that they work with most often. For this reason, a Urology EHR should be equipped and organized with the tools you need most. A one-size-fits-all EHR will be equipped with irrelevant data that your practice does not need. A Urology EHR is built specifically for your specialty and with a list of the most used labs, orders, and diagnostic imaging for your practice to access. These can also be customized and tailored to what your practice needs the most.

Urology Specific Documentation

Your Urology EHR should work for you, not the other way around. Each tool within your EHR should be designed to help your team work more efficiently, accurately, and with less risk of burnout. A quality Urology EHR makes it easy for your team to complete their necessary documentation so that they can focus more of their attention on the patient.

Integrated Urology Billing

Urologists use Urology billing codes. For this reason, your billing technology should not be cluttered with codes for other specialists. Instead, it should be equipped with your specialty’s most-used codes, and updated any time there is a change. This helps your team code more accurately, increase clean claims, and decrease denials.

A quality Urology EHR will have customizable templates, integrated testing, Urology specific documentation, and integrated Urology billing. To learn more about a Urology EHR that is perfect for your practice, click here.