Urology Software: Features that Improve Patient Engagement

It seems like with each passing year, keeping your patients satisfied and involved in their Urology care becomes more difficult. Giving them the incentives, tools, and accessibility that empower them to take control of their personal health and communicate with their Urologists is important. Both to the overall health of the patient as well as the success of your practice. Patient outcomes improve drastically when patients remain in consistent communication with their Urologist as more red flags get addressed and regularly scheduled care-maintenance is completed. You positively impact your bottom line when more of your urology patients remain compliant with routinely scheduled care and testing. The key to keeping your patients engaged in 2019 is using high-quality Urology Software that offers your patients convenience, accessibility, and transparency when it comes to their urology care. By implementing these Urology Software tools, Urology providers will see a huge development in the levels of patient engagement at their specialty practice.

Urology Software Tools & Benefits

1) Telehealth

A common frustration that causes patients to avoid going to the doctor is its disruption to their normal schedule. It can take an entire day off work for a patient to drive to their nearest Urology specialist for a visit. The combination of the commute, in-office wait times, and the actual in-person visit add up to a patient having to use personal time off work. Just as providers are no longer expected to make house-calls, patients should not be expected to come to your office for every visit. Telehealth is the time-saving visit alternative for your patients who want it. A quality Urology Software should offer telehealth visit options for patients who need to bypass commute and wait-times while still receiving a real-time visit from their Urologist. The telehealth feature of Urology software encourages patient engagement by giving patients some options that make sense to them.

2) Patient Portal

The patient portal is the number one patient engagement tool featured in quality Urology Software. The patient portal feature of Urology software enables patients to more easily engage multiple aspects of their Urology care. This includes simple communication with their Urologists, encouraging them to ask more questions, address more minute concerns of their health, and schedule appointments. The patient portal also encourages patients to better understand their personal health information with increased accessibility and transparency. They can view their test/lab results and ask questions from this helpful Urology Software tool. Not only can patients better understand and communicate different aspects of their personal health, but they can better understand their medical bill with billing integration. Your Urology software must offer these features within its patient portal in order to effectively engage your patients.

3) Chronic Care Management

Patients who are battling chronic conditions need extra help in order to stay engaged with their long list of providers. Chronic Care Management is essential to this. CCM helps organize the many branches of a patient’s chronic care. With Chronic Care Management for Urology Software, Urologists make it easier for patients to stay on track, stay engaged, and stay compliant with their care continuum.  Urology Software should offer CCM in order to keep patients with chronic conditions on track to achieve their best possible results.

4) Payment Integration

Lastly, providers should look for Urology Software with payment integration to better engage their patients and improve patient payments. When your Urology Software is fully integrated with your billing and payment options, your patient is more likely to make timely payments or pay their bills in full. Payment integration means offering secure ways for your patients to understand their responsibility toward their medical bills and make payments online or from their mobile devices. A high-quality Urology Software should offer your patient 24/7 access to make a payment as well as the ability to process card payments.

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