How Can Your Urology Software Improve Patient Engagement?

Give your patients the tools that empower them to take control of their personal health with Urology Software.  Patient outcomes can improve when consistent communication is available for your patients and regularly scheduled care-maintenance appointments (in-person or via telehealth) are completed. You can positively impact your urology patient’s health by helping them remain compliant with routinely scheduled care and testing. The key to keeping your patients engaged is using high-quality Urology Software that offers your patients convenience, accessibility, and transparency when it comes to their urology care. By implementing these Urology Software tools, You can experience a significant uptick in the levels of patient engagement at your specialty practice.

Implementing Urology Software is important for your patient experience, practice workflow, and your overall well-being—urologists experience a 49% burnout rate.

Urology Software Tools & Benefits

Tools to Improve Patient Engagement  

Today, patients expect timely, secure, and convenient mobile communication where they live and work. As a urologist, you can provide better patient engagement through a strong and capable EHR solution. Your vendor should be able to support your team’s efforts to keep patients and staff engaged from virtually anywhere.  

Digitizing the patient experience through EHR, Billing, Scheduling, Telehealth, and other solutions can help improve patient communication while transforming clinical care and the patient-provider relationship.  

When you combine the powers of analytics and automation with artificial intelligence, your practice could not only boost patient engagement, but also automate labor-intensive administrative duties, access critical patient insights, and improve practice performance overall.  

Healthtech Tools for Your Practice

Here are some healthtech tools that enhance patient engagement—be sure to ask potential vendors if these are a part of their solution.  

Front Office Self-Scheduler  

Digitize all inbound patient inquiries to your practice by providing an automated way to request appointments and prescription refills and to send images, videos, and interactive responses.  

Digital Intake  

Automate the check-in process and reduce patient wait times before their scheduled appointment with an intelligent intake tool that offers patients a way to complete their intake forms digitally from anywhere.  

Virtual Queue Management  

Eliminate crowded waiting rooms by creating a virtual environment that allows your practice to manage patient flow, enhance the appointment process, and keep patients safe by following social-distancing guidelines.  


Expand your practice’s reach with virtual telehealth visits, locate pharmacies near your patients’ locations with geo-based targeting, send text notifications of upcoming virtual appointments, and reduce risk exposure for both patients and staff.  

Patient Portal  

Introduce a convenient, user-friendly patient portal where patients can review statements, pay their bills online, chat directly with their provider, access medical records, request appointments, and receive reminders.  

Care Coordination  

Deliver enhanced patient-centered solutions and improve health outcomes for patients managing one or more chronic conditions with 24/7 care coordination through monthly telephone checkups.  


Why Work With UroChoice™?  

Now that you know what you’re looking for in a urology-specific EHR and medical billing solution, it’s time to choose the right software. Custom built for high-performing urologists, UroChoice delivers fully integrated practice management, EHR, medical billing, and telehealth software so you can spend more time on what matters most: delivering excellent patient care and ensuring physician well-being.  

Here’s how UroChoice checks off all the boxes in the hunt for the right urology-specific EHR and billing solution:  

  • Transparent: No matter what questions you have about UroChoice, you can find everything you want to know on our website or by contacting us. Explore our website and see tech specs, schedule a demo, read our FAQs, and more.  
  • Fully integrated: UroChoice offers a true all-in-one practice management, EHR, billing, telehealth, and patient engagement solution that was thoughtfully designed just for urology practices. UroChoice is also fully integrated with labs so patients have instant access to their test and lab results.  
  • Easy to use: Our system is designed to maximize efficiency so you can deliver end-to-end patient care with a cloud-based system and a single login for all of your practice needs. We’re proud of how easy our system is to use.  
  • Mobile-friendly: Our mobile app lets you work from virtually anywhere. With real-time access, UroChoice lets you capture and upload images, send HIPAA-compliant messages, schedule appointments, access patient health records, and more.  
  • Customizable: UroChoice offers workflow templates built just for urologists. It also includes workflow customization so you can ensure that your practice’s specific needs are met.  
  • Onboarding: When onboarding new customers, our process includes data conversions, database/feature setup, template customizations, software training, and more. Additionally, we created our very own University to help you learn everything you need to know about using UroChoice.  
  • Support: Our U.S.-based support team is highly responsive and backed up by our powerful Support Portal. With 24/7 monitoring and management, we are constantly monitoring data to ensure zero downtime for your urology practice.  

We understand the intricacies of urology practices, and we’ve configured UroChoice to meet your specific needs. We also offer additional solutions and services to help you bring in more revenue and grow your practice. 

To learn more about a Urology software that can increase patient engagement at your specialty practice, click here.