Why Lab Integrations Are Vital in Your Urology EHR

The industry’s best Urology EHRs now come with state-of-the-art lab integration. In the past, providers would have to order tests for their patients and hope they got them done. Patients would then have to wait anxiously for their providers to either contact them or schedule an appointment to find out their results. Now, with a Urology EHR, patient engagement increases as well as outcomes through lab integrations. Integrated labs can help improve patient outcomes and improve patient experience.

Urology EHR and Lab Integration:

Simple Lab Orders

Lab orders are easier now than ever before with an integrated Urology EHR. This tool enables providers to quickly order labs directly from the patient’s chart. When the patient is still in the room, providers can submit orders, streamlining the overall lab process. This increases provider workflow efficiency and helps them get more accomplished throughout the day. Not only this, but it also increases the likelihood that patients will get their labs done that same day. This is important for making sure patients complete their scheduled labs and achieve their desired outcome.

Location Suggestions

Location suggestions and recommendations are other key benefits of lab integration. With this feature in a quality Urology EHR, providers can pinpoint lab offices that would be best for the patient to reach. This might mean suggesting a lab location that is on their way home from their appointment or near their home if they need to go at a later date. Regardless, location recommendations in an integrated Urology EHR increase the number of patients willing to complete their labs. The faster labs are completed, the faster results are received, and the quicker a treatment plan can be formed. This leads to more positive outcomes.

Quick Results Access

Why is it important for providers and their patients to have quick access to test results? It is important because it helps providers quickly and accurately make decisions regarding the patient’s health. For patients, it improves their experience and helps them plan and prepare for their future. A lab integration Urology EHR offers patients instant access to their test and lab results. They no longer have to wait anxiously for their provider to call them or until their next appointment to get the answers they need. Increased access to this kind of information plays a huge role in how informed and engaged a patient is in their own care.

Increase Patient Engagement

With simple lab orders, location recommendations, and quick results, patients are more likely to comply with doctor’s orders. In the past, patients might avoid getting their lab work done because it would take too much time or was often a poor experience. Integrated labs in a Urology EHR greatly improve the patient experience and encourage them to stay engaged. With increased patient engagement, patients play a more active role in their care and can then achieve more positive results.

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