3 Features of the Best Urology Software that Will Increase Patient Engagement

The level of patient engagement at your Urology practice reflects how involved your patients are in their personal care. While part of their involvement is the responsibility of the patient, the majority of the responsibility is the providers. It is up to the Urology provider to offer their patients the resources they need to play an active role in their personal care. Without these tools, it does not matter how much the patient wants to be involved, it will be impossible for them to engage their Urologist, effectively. A quality Urology software is the solution to increasing patient engagement at your practice. Below are 3 Urology Software tools that can help.

Patient Portal

The patient portal is the number one patient engagement tool providers must-have in the Urology software. While most, if not all, Urology software includes a patient portal, it is the quality of that patient portal that determines the level of patient engagement at your practice.

1) Communication

The right patient portal will enable your practice to improve communication between patients and the provider. A state-of-the-art communication hub enables patients to more quickly reach out to Urologist rather than scheduling a visit. Here, they can ask seemingly simple questions that their providers can provide timely responses too. Often times, patients use their patient portal feature of Urology software to message their Urologist and determine whether or not they need to complete a visit for their symptoms. This Urology software tool is also used to ask questions about previously established treatment plans, medications, or anything else a patient might not think to ask during a visit. With simple and established communications, patients are able to stay more engaged.

2) Understanding

A quality patient portal from your Urology software also enables patients the ability to gain insight and understanding into their urology care. The patient portal enables them to view their physician’s notes, review their treatment plans, and view lab results. With access to this important information, patients are confronted with a choice. They can either ignore their results or tackle them with the help of their Urologist. More often than not, increased access to this important health information empowers the patient to be more engaged and pay more attention, resulting in positive outcomes and compliance with follow-up care.

Urology Software Mobile App

1) On-the-Go Responses

Your Urology software partner should also offer your practice a Urology software mobile app. A mobile app enables even more efficient communication between the Urologist, their staff, and their patients. If a provider is out of the office for whatever reason, the Urology software mobile app enables them to stay plugged in. If they receive a message from the patient via the patient portal, the Urologist can review the patient’s chart, make an informed clinical decision and respond to the patient as quickly as possible. They can then securely communicate with their staff about the next steps. By offering your patients quick, on-the-go, responses, they feel heard and cared for by their Urologist and are more likely to stay engaged in their care.

Billing Integration

1) Billing Comprehension

The most common reason that patients fail to make payments toward their medical expenses is that they do not understand their bill. When your Urology software integrates with your practice EHR/patient portal, patients are able to comprehend their medical bills. Here, they can view their statement and ask questions if they still do not understand. Not only can they view and comprehend their medical expenses, but with the right Urology software, they can also make payments. By giving a patient an easy way to view and pay their bill, they will be more involved in this part of their medical care.

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