Achieve Improved Health Outcomes with Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management (CCM) can help patients achieve improved health outcomes. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimated that 68% of patients with Medicare fee-for-service benefits qualify for CCM services. Since 2015, quality Chronic Care Management programs have saved and improved the lives of chronically ill patients across the country. This service has connected patients to important care tools that have changed their lives forever. Through services like care coordination, patients are able to stay on top of their care plan, access the resources they need, and achieve improved health outcomes across the board. Below are 4 ways that your practice and patients can benefit from Chronic Care Management.

Benefits of CCM:

Enhance Quality of Care

Patients who have been diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions often have a complicated care landscape. They may be seeing multiple providers and specialists across numerous health networks. This can be difficult to keep track of. With Chronic Care Management, patients are able to keep track of the many moving parts of their care. Rather than having different providers that are not on the same page, their care team can work together. A coordinated care team works collaboratively to make sure every area of the patient’s care is orchestrated as one moving piece. Care coordination ensures that patients have the extra help they need.

Prevent Gaps in Treatment

Sometimes patients with multiple chronic conditions have gaps in their care. This could be due to a large number of reasons such as poor communication, disorganization, or a failure on the provider’s end. Regardless, Chronic Care Management helps to prevent gaps in care. This program ensures someone is touching base with the patient at least once a month, to make sure they are on track to achieve the best health outcomes possible.

Improve Health Outcomes

By having someone hold patients accountable for their care plan, patients are more likely to achieve improved health outcomes. These care coordination specialists are always available to answer patient questions. Care coordination is also helping patients keep track of their medications and alert providers of any new developments or red flags in their care. With all of these moving parts working together, patients who utilize Chronic Care Management are achieving better results and outcomes.

Generate Additional Revenue

For providers, Chronic Care Management could mean a major boost in revenue. Practices can earn up to an additional 85k in revenue each year per billing provider within their organization. Working with a quality partner in CCM services can help you optimize your Chronic Care Management program so that you may achieve optimal revenue. They will work as an extension of your practice to make sure your patients are getting the best help possible.

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