Patient Engagement: Are You Meeting Expectations in 2021?

Patient engagement is on the rise and providers will need to keep up as practices enter 2021. Technology is constantly evolving and patients are too. With the right tools, patients are more inclined to interact with their providers, thus increasing billable services as well as improving patient outcomes. The right combination of tools and technology can align your practice for success in the New Year. So what expectations are shifting when it comes to patient engagement and what will providers need to do to make sure they are on track?

The Expectation of Patient Engagement

Healthcare organizations will face tougher competition now more than ever as patients begin to expect the same experience they receive from consumer brands. Experiences involving self-service tools are more relevant than ever before due to the pandemic. Providers will need to consider the consumer impact on patient engagement. While results and treatment are still pillars in their experience, patients now crave high-quality and advanced atmospheres. They expect outstanding customer service, high-tech interactions, and up-to-date tools. The more dated your technology and service, the more dated your practice feels to patients overall. 

Tools to Increase Patient Engagement:

Access to Health Records

Digital and instant access to personal health records are essential in increasing patient engagement. In the past, patients were comfortable taking their provider’s word for it. This made accessing medical records extremely difficult. With digital access, patients can play a greater role in their care. Access to their health records increases patient engagement by helping patients understand their health on a deeper level. They can ask questions, reflect on their results and make positive health choices as a result.


Instant gratification is a key component of patient expectations in 2021. Patients want digital solutions that mirror their consumer and social roles in other areas of their life. Self-scheduling is a great way to give patients the option to instantly schedule their appointments. Rather than wait on hold with their provider’s office, they can log on to their patient portal and schedule from a list of available appointments.

Bill Pay

Patient engagement expectations for 2021 also involve increased access to billing information. Today, patients want to fully understand the cost of their medical care. Online bill pay is a great way to increase engagement and patient payments. Here, patients can view a detailed online statement and make payments at any time of the day.

Updated Technology

 Technology is key to increasing patient engagement. Patients have digital tools in nearly every area of their life and expect this from their providers too. Updated technology that can increase engagement might include a queue management solution, integrated Electronic Health Record and patient portal, digital patient intake, and more.

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