How to Improve the Patient Experience in 2021

The patient experience has been deeply impacted by the state of the world in 2020. The pandemic changed how we view patient care forever and as it continues to unfold, we will learn what the future holds. From mass transitional waves into digital technological use to creating safe environments for patients to enter, COVID-19 has forever changed the patient experience. As we approach 2021, providers need to ensure their patients are satisfied with their care and experience.  Below are 6 things providers should pay attention to as we approach the new year.

How to Improve the Patient Experience in 2021:


While providers shift to a consumer-focused patient point of view, it is important to keep balance. While patients expect exceptional service from their healthcare providers, they also expect a good outcome. Providers need to make sure they find the balance between cultivating a service-centred experience and offering quality care with results-driven intentions.

Performance Assessments

The new year is always a great time to assess what your practice has accomplished over the last 12 months. This can be a great moment to assess your team and your workflow to address any strengths and weaknesses. Performance assessments can help you determine what is missing from the patient experience as well as what needs to be improved upon.

Access To Robust Data

Data speaks for itself. Take a look at your practice’s data to figure out what is impacting the patient experience. This could involve reviews of your practice, patient payments, patient outcomes, or any other detailed data that may help you better understand how your practice is running.

Utilize Quality Tech

Quality technology is now the heart of the patient experience. Patients want to use it to communicate, schedule, interact, and now even visit with their provider. Providers must have high-quality technology in place if they wish to cultivate a high-quality patient experience. This technology could include a top-of-the-line telehealth solution, a user-friendly and dynamic patient portal, quality Revenue Cycle Management technology, and more.

Reduce Staff Burnout

If your staff is not happy, your patients won’t be either. In order to improve the patient experience, you need to focus on reducing burnout amongst your staff. This means creating a positive atmosphere for work and collaboration where management cares about the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. Partnering with vendors that help your staff accomplish their goals, like a Chronic Care Management vendor or Revenue Cycle Management vendor, can play a huge role in doing one’s job well and without strain.

Listen to Your Patients

Lastly, if your practice wants to improve the patient experience, then you need to listen to your patients. Have them complete surveys and feedback so that they can tell you what they think you’re missing. This can be an incredible way to see your practice from the patient’s point of view and make positive changes for them.

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