Is Your Practice Rethinking Healthcare Data Protection in 2021?

Healthcare data protection is always evolving due to cybersecurity threats. Providers constantly have to stay up-to-date on the latest security threats to their organization in order to protect patient data and keep it out of the wrong hands. As healthcare technology continues to evolve and the landscape of care delivery continues to change, providers will need to adopt healthcare data protection tools. So what does the future of healthcare data protection look like in 2021?

The Development of Cybersecurity Threats

New healthcare technology will always bring an increase in cybersecurity threats. The top threats to healthcare providers in 2021 include ransomware, malware, phishing, and more. These threats aim to infiltrate your systems and gain access to protected data. With access to your protected data, your patients and your practice are at risk. However, providers should not be afraid. With quality healthcare data protection in place, your patients, data, and practice will be safe from cybersecurity risks.

Implementing Effective Healthcare Data Protection:

Identity Management

While identity management systems are complex in nature, they are incredibly valuable in terms of healthcare data protection. Knowing who people are, what their roles are, and what they access will help you track who is in your system and who should not be. This tool is one of the most effective ways to pinpoint a cybersecurity risk or hacker who should not be in your system.

Multifactor Authentication

Included in top health practice technology, multifactor authentication is another great tool for security. This tool is less complex than identity management but still effective in keeping data out of the wrong hands. Having multiple check-points in place where a member of your team has to prove authorization is essential for healthcare data protection.

Cycle Management

Cycle management includes the organization of your data so your practice can track where it is going. With a well-organized system, your practice will be able to track where data is supposed to be, when it is leaving your system, and when it should not be.

Cloud-Based EHR Technology

Cloud-based EHR technology from a quality vendor is essential to health data protection in 2021. A cloud-based system from the right partner can increase the accessibility of your data without the added risk. Accessible while on-the-go for authorized users, this tool also decreases risk. Encrypted technology that is frequently and automatically updated/monitored prevents hackers and cybersecurity threats from being able to access your data. Unlike an in-house server or filing system, cloud-based technology keeps your data safe from other risks like software crashes as well.

An Experienced Vendor

Your practice needs to partner with a vendor that is highly experienced in healthcare data protection. The right vendor will always be up-to-date on the latest developments in health practice technology and the risks that come with those developments. To learn more about a vendor that is ready to help you improve healthcare data protection, click here.