How the Patient Experience Has Changed in 2020

The patient experience is becoming increasingly important to the success of healthcare organizations everywhere. Patients expect a certain level of service woven into every aspect of their care. Cultivating a positive patient experience plays a vital role in bringing new patients through the doors of your practice, keeping patients engaged and interested in their care and paying their bills on time. What positively impacts the patient experience seems to change every year, with 2020 being one for the history books. How has the pandemic impacted this aspect of healthcare in 2020?

The Pandemic and the Patient Experience:

Rapid Growth in Telehealth Use

Telehealth is in use by more patients than ever before in 2020. With the pandemic putting restrictions and regulations on in-person interactions, many have turned to this tool to keep their patients engaged. Telehealth enables patients to visit safely with their providers from home rather than coming into the office. The pandemic has prompted first-time use for many individuals. Offering a new level of convenience and usability, patients are expected to keep using this tool in the future.

Fewer Restrictions

In order to make safe care accessible to as many people as possible, many restrictions have been lifted on things like telehealth use. There is less red tape between providers and digital tools, which has improved the patient experience during this time. This has been great for helping practices to quickly implement solutions, but we are still unaware of the long-term impacts of this break in regulation. Between increased security risks, software usability and payer reimbursements, there will be much to sort out once the pandemic is over.

Consumer-Focused Care

A transition has been made where providers everywhere are viewing their patients as consumers rather than just patients. Consumers expect to be treated with the highest level of services from whatever business or organization they choose to interact with. Patients are being more careful with who they allow to treat them and taking things like cost into account more than ever before. In order to increase and improve the patient experience, providers need to remain consumer-focused.

What Providers Can Do to Improve the Patient Experience:

Implement Quality Solutions

Quality technology is non-negotiable to the patient experience. Patients are now used to a certain level of digital interactions in every industry they participate in. The technology you choose to implement as well as the vendor partnership you form is essential to keeping your patients satisfied with their care.

Maintain Communication

Communication is also incredibly important to the patient experience during this time. Keeping them up to date with all the latest changes across your organization can help them feel prepared to visit with you. This might include updates about COVID-19 or just the regular daily occurrences of your practice. Regardless, providers should consider implementing an automated communication system to keep frequent contact with patients.

Create a Safe Public Environment

A safe public environment is necessary for maintaining high patient volumes and helping patients feel safe with your organization. This could include implementing a telehealth solution, digital intake, queue management, or even as simple as making sure you have added safety measures in your building during the pandemic.

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