Release 20.1.11

iSalus Healthcare is excited to announce Release 20.1.11 is now live! As always, we’ve worked hard to construct new features, squash bugs, and dispatch updates. Check out these product improvements in our Knowledge Base Center, Release 20.1.11, or read below to learn more.


– N E W  F E A T U R E S –


U9922 – Dialysis Care Team Company Settings: Two new settings were added to allow for the location of the Dialysis Center to quickly be added to the patient’s Care Team. This addition allows for faxing to these locations once a visit has been saved, thus saving time by preventing staff members from having to manually add the Dialysis Center as a Care Team member. These settings can be set by going to Setup > Company Settings and searching for the two settings below. Both settings must be configured in order to utilize functionality:


– U P D A T E S  &  B U G  F I X E S –



B9901 – Attachments not opening in Chrome: Attachments other than .pdf files (.jpg, .docx, .tif, .png) were not opening in Chrome.

Progress Notes

B9977 – The ‘Reset Missing Soap Notes’ wand icon was disabled:  The Reset Missing Soap Notes Wizard icon was disabled, even if users had permission to view it. This has been resolved:




B9953 – Default icon missing from Template Blue Bar:  The system was no longer displaying the ‘Default’ icon if there were defaults available for sections of the Template. This icon has been reinstated:

Order Entry

B9859 – AOE questions were not displaying on the Order Processing screen:  AOE (Ask at Order Entry) questions were not displaying on the Order Processing screen when using Chrome:

U9988 – Custom Defaults – Default Last GE not working on Order Fulfillment templates: A bug was fixed within templates that pulled in default values based on how that value had been used in the past (aka Default Last Global Entity).  These default values will now correctly pull in.

Progress Notes

B9689 – Single quote printing as double quotes:  When using Chrome and printing a SOAP note (whether from the Letters or Progress Notes chart tabs), the template would contain a single quote (‘) but when printed it would display a double quote (”). This issue has been resolved.

Patient Education

B9589 – Patient Education items missing from MyMedicalLocker:  Subsequent Patient Education items that were submitted from OfficeEMR were not transferring to MyMedicalLocker.

Quick Picks

B9986 – Vitals quick picks showing incorrect labels for Metric:  When using quick picks for Vitals > Weight, if Metric was selected as the unit of measure the system was incorrectly showing English units instead of Metric (kg, g.).




U9707 – Users can now add procedure codes to an ERA deposit claim:  Users can now use the “Add Procedure” functionality to add procedure codes to an existing ERA Deposit Claim. This will allow for quicker manual entry if needed codes were originally excluded.

U9892 – Added two new Data Search Type options to the Deposit Reconciliation report:  Added ‘Disbursed’ and ‘Send to Posting’ as additional date search options on the Deposit Reconciliation report:

U9683: Added an Advanced Search option to the Deposit screen:  In Release 20.1.11, we added an Advanced Search option for EOB deposits that have not yet been sent to posting. This will allow users to search for claims based on specific criteria in order to attach to the deposit:

U9546 – Deposit Claims will now show icons denoting if the claim will likely result in a different status than shown: Some Claim Status checks run after a claim is posted to modify the claim’s status if necessary – most notably, the check to see if the claim has a zero balance or credit balance and needs its status changed accordingly. We have added icons to denote when it’s likely that one of these will trigger – if clicked, you will see additional information about what we expect to happen with the claim:

U9881 – Redefined the method for calculating the Payments field:  If errors are posted correctly, then the Payments amount will balance out with the Deposit amount. Payments = Posted Paid Calculation + Non-Posted Payment Lines from ERA claims in the deposit (when a claim is not excluded).

U9641 – Redefined how CARC codes marked as ‘Denial’ are handled by the system:  If an ERA/EOB has a CARC code categorized as a ‘Denial’, the level of the claim will no longer advance.

U9732 – Claim Billing will now correctly populate on Deposit Claims:  If the resulting Claim Status on a Deposit Claim is “Ready to Send…”, Claim Billing will populate with the appropriate submission type (paper or electronic) for that payer/statement.

B9966 – Human-Readable ERAs were not printing correctly:  When printing human-readable ERAs, the system was incorrectly printing the first claim in the deposit instead of the claim that was selected.

B9952 – Claim details hover-over text no longer extends outside of the message box:  In a previous release a hover-over details box was added to the Claim details screen in order to provider users additional claim details without having to actually click into the claim. Unfortunately, if there was a lot of claim information that text was exceeding the bounds of the pop-up. This issue has been resolved.


Resolved an issue where some Samsung users would experience random crashes. Updated the back end of the video/audio system for an improved experience.


– B E F O R E  Y O U  G O –

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