Benefits Your Patients Gain from a Chronic Care Management Program

Chronic Care Management is saving lives across the country by connecting patients to comprehensive care opportunities, uniting their providers, and streamlining their care. Patients who are battling multiple chronic conditions often face difficult and intensive care, juggling multiple providers, appointments, testing, and more. Keeping track of every one of these details on their own can lead to missteps in their care, duplicate testing, and have a negative impact on their symptoms. Implementing a chronic care management program into your organization will benefit your practice by bringing in a new stream of revenue, improving patient engagement, and bringing in more patients. More than that, CCM will simplify care for these patients who need extra help. Listed below are several of the benefits your patients gain from a Chronic Care Management program.

Patient Benefits of Chronic Care Management:

Fewer Hospitalizations

Patients with chronic illness go to the hospital more often as new symptoms surface or emergency strikes. Implementing a quality chronic care management program at your practice will reduce hospitalizations for these individuals by giving them a more consistent outlet to voice concerns and bring new developments in their care to the table. Partnering with a quality CCM vendor will enable your team to easily help patients with this program. A clinically trained professional speaks with your patient once a month to review their symptoms and identify the state of their health conditions as progressive or regressive. With this monthly review, chronic care management helps your patients stay on top of developments in their condition and avoid the hospital, improving the quality of care, and lowering the cost.

Improved Provider Communication

Functioning as an extension of your organization, your CCM vendor helps the patient feels more connected to their providers through a quality chronic care management program. Through care coordination interactions, patients can talk with their providers at length, improving their experience and engagement with your practice. Where a patient might be hurried through a traditional in-person visit with their provider, care coordination services in a Chronic Care Management program allow your patients to carefully walk through the details of their care, helping them feel fully attended to and heard by their care team.

Patient Education and Symptoms Management

For patients with multiple conditions, staying informed, and up to date on the best way to personally manage their care and symptoms can be extremely overwhelming and difficult. Another great benefit of implementing a quality Chronic Care Management program for patients is that they gain access to important educational resources. These resources and conversations with a CCM vendor teach them ways to simplify their care, manage their symptoms most effectively, and learn what steps to take to achieve a better quality of life.

Scheduling and Prescription Assistance

Keeping track of the details regarding your care can be difficult for those who are not managing multiple conditions, let alone those who are. With the help of a trained clinical professional, patients can simplify scheduling and prescription processes. A quality Chronic Care Management team will work hard to ensure your patients are scheduling their necessary appointments in a way that makes the most sense for their life and for their overall care. Scheduling assistance can help patients avoid costly inconveniences like duplicate testing while also making sure they are aware of the appointments they have scheduled or need to schedule. Chronic Care Management program also connects patients to important prescription reconciliation that ensures that none of their prescriptions contradict one another or that they are taking anything they do not need to be. This is an important feature of CCM that is extremely useful for patients seeing multiple providers.

Exclusive Access

Lastly, a quality Chronic Care Management program partnered with the right vendor helps your patients access deals on medical equipment, prescription discounts, meal kits, and more. The right vendor of Chronic Care Management will make it that much easier for your patients to lower the cost of their care and access important tools to improve their progress.

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