What Can Digital Patient Intake Do for Your Practice?

Each year more and more manual processes switch over to a digital alternative. In an age where most everything is now accessible online; providers should consider implementing a digital patient intake solution into their organization. With digital patient intake, providers can streamline their data collection processes, access important information in seconds, focus their staff on patient critical tasks, increase patient satisfaction, and much more. The time has come for your organization to eliminate paper processes and data transcription and instead use a quality digital solution to collect patient health and insurance information.

Features of Quality Digital Patient Intake Technology

Reduce Data Entry Errors

Traditional patient intake processes involve manual data transcription completed by your front-line staff. The transcription process is well-known to lead to an increase in data entry errors caused by handwriting that is difficult to read, typing errors, or missing information on a paper form. Digital patient intake transforms this method and introduces an intake process that is completed by the patient on their own computer. Prior to their visit with their provider, the patient receives a notification to complete their intake forms. The patient then follows this link to fill out their personal health and insurance information. The best and most time-efficient aspect of the digital patient intake process is that all of the information a patient enters into their intake forms is uploaded directly into their chart, eliminating the transcription process.

Quick Data Access for Providers

With every piece of your patient’s health information uploaded directly into their chart, you no longer have to worry about the accuracy of patient data at the start of each visit. With digital patient intake, providers have quick access to important patient resources and information from the get-go, improving the accuracy, quality, and efficiency of their clinical decisions. Digital patient intake leads to a higher quality of care for your patients as increased access to patient health information improves physician judgment and empowers you to offer the best care possible.

More Time for Your Staff

The transcription process is notorious for consuming a large amount of time on the day of your front-line staff. Manually entering each form a patient fills out is tedious and unnecessary in 2020. With a digital patient intake solution, your staff can quit wasting their time transcribing medical documents and, instead, focus on more patient critical tasks. With automated data integration into your organization’s EHR, your physicians can improve their data cross-checking processes and streamline their individual workflow.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Lastly, implementing a digital patient intake solution helps increase patient satisfaction for your organization. With more time to prepare, patients can take the time they need in the days prior to their visit to fill out their forms. By streamlining the intake process, patients experience lower waiting room times, helping them get straight into a visit with their physician and return to their day. With physicians having extra time to study each chart and improve their clinical decisions, patients will also be satisfied with the increased quality of care they are receiving from their providers.

Implementing digital patient intake at your organization offers patients a convenient method to enter their personal health information and insurance data so that your entire team can access a more dependable source of data and provide a higher quality of care. To learn more about a digital patient intake solution that can equip your organization with these useful tools and benefits, click here.