iSalus Christmas Party 2018: Golfing and Good Times

The team at iSalus has a good time working together even when things are slammed so we know that when we get together outside of the office good times will be had by all.  This year’s iSalus Christmas Party at Topgolf Fishers was no different.  We even included a photo contest and voted on the top three that are included in the above photo.  The titles were:

              First Place:  Duck Lips

              Second Place: Screaming Swing

              Third Place:  Brotherly Love

If you think that was fun, there are a few more you can check out our Facebook Page:

What a fun night was had by all and it was good to let go of stress for a bit and focus on a great time and good competition!  Now on to the go-live of our newest Urology Practice and a strong focus for a successful 2019!