What Features are Needed in a Nephrology EHR?


A common misconception about electronic health records is that they’re all the same – this is far from the truth. There are a variety of EHR systems out there that have different features, benefiting your office in different ways. Yet, most electronic health record systems are created for the masses, that is, for a general medical practice. For those with private practices in a specialty field, how do you pick an EHR that will truly support your office?

Customizable EHR exists, and it can improve the quality, workflow, and productivity of a Nephrology practice, making it easier for providers to focus on their patients. Most EHRs include features such as electronic prescriptions and scheduling, but nephrology EHRs require a few key functions that will help increase the efficiency of a Nephrologists and his team while going through the daily workflow of patient care.


Features Needed in a Nephrology EHR

1)      Multiple Claims Processing

Nephrology providers see so many patients in a day that tasks like claims processing and patient health charting can really pile up. EHR software that is not tailored for nephrologists forces a provider to file each claim individually, taking away time that could be used caring for a patient.

Nephrology EHRs should allow providers to file hundreds of claims at one time so that providers are freed up to focus on their patient, not paperwork. Having the ability to create a list of all their patients and file claims that fall under the same visit type (also called batching) help a provider and his team have a more efficient workday, increasing the amount of time the team can tend to patient needs, questions and treatment. This feature of a Nephrology EHR is invaluable as it puts time back into the provider’s schedule, giving him more time to get back to his or her main focus: the patient.

2)      Dialysis Tracking/Rounding

For Nephrology providers, having an efficient method of dialysis tracking and rounding is a top priority, but what exactly does this mean when searching for a Nephrology-based EHR? A quality Nephrology EHR should have functionality that keeps count of how many dialysis patients they are visiting with each month as well as tracking for not yet billed dialysis and in-center hemodialysis. Most importantly, a quality Nephrology EHR should alert providers when their patients hit the four-visit threshold.  Finding an electronic health record system that includes these features saves a Nephrology practice massive amounts of time and also helps to keep nephrology patients on schedule, ensuring their health is a priority and they don’t slip through the cracks.

3)      Total Integration

The last key feature to keep an eye out for when looking for a Nephrology EHR is total integration. Total integration within an EHR means that with one login providers can schedule their patients, write prescriptions, document visits, file claims, utilize telehealth and much more. While it’s assumed that a Nephrology EHR vendor would automatically have total integration with other add-on technologies and tools, this is not always the case.

Sometimes vendors sell each technology or tool as a separate entity, forcing a provider and his team to create (and remember) another set of login credentials. Likewise, with different entities, patient information and tasks don’t always flow from one program to the other, often creating more work for the team to ensure a patient’s health records, scheduling and/or billing logistics are squared away. A quality Nephrology EHR should offer total integration with all other office tools in order to make each patient’s office experience as pleasant and simple as possible, as well as bring efficiency to a provider’s daily workflow.


When searching for the right Nephrology EHR, providers should make sure the software offers multiple claims processing, dialysis tracking/rounding, and total software integration. This will set up any Nephrology practice for success, ensuring accurate, efficient and quality healthcare, and a less stressful day for providers and their teams.

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