Teaming Up, Throwing Axes

Team iSalus has had one busy summer! From multiple software releases to welcoming in new clients, the team has been working hard, but playing hard…not so much. That is, until recently when iSalus had its fall employee outing at Bad Axe Throwing Indianapolis!

While at Bad Axe Throwing, Team iSalus learned how to properly throw axes and then once everyone was prepped and ready, the games began! From pairing up and playing head-to-head, to creating teams to defeat one another, axes were thrown for hours to see who were the iSalus ax champs. Likewise, a few select employees with seriously good ax throwing skill even advanced to hatchet throwing!

The entire outing was a great time to grow together as a team, learn some new skills and (most importantly) have fun. Team iSalus quickly became a fan of Bad Axe Throwing Indianapolis and don’t be surprised if an iSalus ax throwing tournament is featured in the near future!