3 Features of Telehealth for Patients

Remember when providers used to make house calls? The time when providers had the ability to offer a higher level of personalized care is in the past it seems…or is it? The most recent tool in healthcare’s age of technology is changing the way the high-quality care is delivered to patients across the country. No longer are patients trapped in primary care deserts that leave them out of reach for most providers. With telehealth, patients get medical care that works in collaboration with their complex schedules and allows them to address their health in new, innovative ways. Telehealth is an ever-growing trend in healthcare and will most likely be the future of medicine. So, what are the features of telehealth that patients are eager to see from their providers?


Telehealth Features That Patients Love

1)    Remote Monitoring

For patients whose health requires constant supervision or checkups, making it into the office for routine labs, test or even a vitals check can throw their entire day (or even week) off track. Taking multiple trips to their provider’s office every week can monopolize a patient’s schedule, leaving them with little time to spend with friends and family, organize their personal or work life, or even spend time relaxing and taking care of themselves. As much as we wish it were not the case, a trip to the doctor comes with a commuting time, waiting room time, and many other things that equal out to an inconvenience for many patients. Remote monitoring with telehealth removes a lot of the stress that is associated with maintaining a healthy life or keeping up with health battles.

Remote patient monitoring is the technology that allows providers to collect health information/data without the patient having to leave home. This technology can collect information like heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, vital signs, and much more that is then transferred to the patient’s record where providers can assess it. Telehealth adds a layer of accessibility to health care that was previously not there.

2)    Live Visits

Telehealth changes the way patients access their care providers so that it is simpler and convenient, motivating them to take charge of their health. One of the ways that this tool accomplishes this is by offering live visits with patients. Through live-video communication, providers can visit with their patients on their computer or mobile device, coming to the patient and not the other way around. While this is not the traditional home visit, it works just as well. During a telehealth visit, patients can ask questions and bring up concerns as well as listen to their providers explain next steps, just as they would in an in-office visit. This easy, efficient method of delivering care to patients through telehealth encourages patients to touch base with their provider more often, increasing patient engagement and the attention to detail each patient has regarding their personal health.

3)    Chronic Care Management

Another feature of telehealth that patients love is how it can operate in conjunction with chronic care management. For patients who qualify for chronic care management, telehealth plays a big role in their continued care. In the United States alone there is an estimated 117 million adults who suffer from one or more qualifying chronic conditions. This population needs extended care services that can help them improve their lifestyle behaviors as well as manage their chronic conditions and symptoms. But how does telehealth play a part in this?

Telehealth helps the chronically ill population by utilizing technology to continually monitor and help patients manage their symptoms. With telehealth, patients who qualify for chronic care management have a hand to hold as they battle their chronic illness. This keeps them from drowning under the stress that comes with trying to function in their everyday lives.


With all the benefits that telehealth has to offer, it’s no surprise that it is the fastest growing segment in the healthcare industry. If you haven’t started offering telehealth in your practice, the time is now to add this amenity to your service list.

If you are interested in finding out more about telehealth or would like a free demo to see how it works, contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions and show you how telehealth can benefit your patients.