How does a Urologist Benefit from a Urology Specific EHR?

The introduction of electronic health records (EHR) to the medical profession has forever changed the record keeping aspect of health care as well as redefined what it means to deliver quality care to patients. Electronic health records are now a staple in hospitals & private practices all over the country. Yet, with any technology, as great as it is, there exists risks.

One of the main risks that providers run into when adopting new office technology is whether it is truly right for them, and the electronic health record is no different. Vendors of this technology continue to market a ‘one-size-fits-all’ EHR to medical providers, trapping them into buying technology that isn’t customized to their specialty or their practice workflow. The way to avoid this is to find an EHR vendor that tailors their software to the needs of the practice.

Urologists who are searching for the perfect electronic health record system should know that using a Urology-specific EHR will benefit them in more ways than one. Having an EHR that is custom fit to a Urology practice can be one of the best ways to improve office workflow and remove some of the burdens from their staff. Here are some of the benefits providers will enjoy when utilizing a Urology-specific EHR.


Benefits of Urology-Specific EHR

1)    Improved Accuracy & Efficiency

 A problem that many specialty providers run into with their electronic health records system, when it is not customized to their specialty or practice, is that there are too many steps to complete even the simplest of tasks. The technology is not made to fit their needs, so they end up sifting through multiple screens, documents and more, to find the information they need to complete their charting.  

The benefit of a Urology-specific EHR is that it is made specifically for Urologists. Documenting is easier because it is already set up for a Urology- based procedures, codes, labs and more. Likewise, with the right EHR, a Urologist can further customize the workflow to fit their practice or their specific style of treating patients. These features and functions help to further increase the productivity of a Urologists typical day while increasing the accuracy of charting compared to ever-changing regulations.

2)    Complete Integration

One of the nuisances of implementing new technology is the lack of integration with all aspects of your office. From billing to scheduling, even marketing software, the more software systems one has, the more complicated and frustrating it becomes to ensure they all fire correctly. Yet, with the right Urology-based EHR, a provider can have most, if not all, aspects of their patient care coordinated to work together. Billing, scheduling, even revenue review, can be looked at through one system helping providers get a holistic look at the health of their practice. Having complete integration not only makes it simpler for providers in terms of finding the business information they need but also helps to keep patient health data and personal (billing) data safe and secure.


Electronic health records have revolutionized healthcare, making the treatment and charting of patient health data more efficient than ever. Yet, when looking for an EHR for your practice not any electronic health records system will do. Finding a specialty-specific EHR, especially for Urology, will help to improve your charting accuracy, increase your office workflow as well as help to integrate all functions of your office into one holistic system. With a true, customized EHR your office can be more productive than you ever thought, ensuring secure, accurate charting and improve patient care.

To learn more about how Urologists can benefit from a Urology-specific EHR, request a demo of our Urology-based EHR, UroChoice, or contact a Product Specialist to find out more information.