4 Key Features You Need in Your Urology Software

Quality urology software is essential to complete the involved processes your practice manages on a daily basis. Specialty-specific tools can equip you with what you need to remain efficient and effective in your daily efforts by being simple to use, seamless to implement, and robust in resources.

With the right Urology software, your team can accomplish their best work, providing top of the line patient care while perfecting their workflows on an individual basis and improving your bottom line. Tools like customizable and flexible templates, workflow enhancing technology, practice management tools, and integrated billing options make it possible for you to optimize multiple aspects of your practice. Below are three important features to look for in quality urology software.

Urology Software Features:

1) Urology Specific Template

The ability to tailor and customizes the templates your urology practice uses most often is essential to optimizing the accuracy and credibility of each form and each chart. Urology specific templates like prostate, urinary and male reproductive issues, and comprehensive clinical content for quaick charting, enable your physicians to efficiently record key data and update the patient’s chart to reflect the most detailed information possible. 

With urology software tailored to your specialty and practice, your team can work more efficiently, spending less time charting, without compromising the integrity of the data, and spending more time with patients.

2) Enhanced Workflow

Quality designed urology software will help your team enhance their individual workflow by giving them what they need to work as they do best. With options to tailor each workflow to the specific physician or team member, your team no longer has to change the way they work to fit the limits of technology. Customizable dashboards help providers streamline their ability to gather information and make informed clinical decisions. With this kind of technology, your physicians no longer need to sift through irrelevant information and are able to focus on what is most important to the specific urology visit.

3) Practice Management

 A urology software that helps your practice enhance practice management processes, like scheduling and reminders, is essential to optimizing efficiency. Scheduling tools like automated appointment reminders help keep your frontline staff off of the phones and focused on patient critical tasks. Your patients opted for email, text, or phone reminders will receiving them automatically and can update their preferences at any time in their patient portal. Automated scheduling enables your patients to look through a broad calendar of appointment options, filled with each physician’s schedule and can be adjusted at any time.

4) Integrated Billing and RCM

Integrated billing and Revenue Cycle Management in your urology software is the key to optimizing your billing workflow and maximizing timely reimbursements and payments at your practice.  Integrated billing enables providers to file claims electronically, sorting by billing periods and monitoring for mistakes that lead to denials. With billing features in your urology software, your practice can start to grow its bottom line by increasing the number of patient payments you receive as well as clean claims you submit. Integrated with your EHR and patient portal, patients have access to key billing information that helps them understand their responsibility and act accordingly.

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