The Lasting Effects of COVID-19 On Your Practice

Written by Kraig Vondran


It’s all too easy to recognize the toll COVID-19 has taken on your practice’s bottom line. Allocating revenue will be an issue the industry will face now and for the foreseeable future.

Many of our partner practices are seeing a 50-75% in reduction for appointments, procedures, and more. Telehealth has helped ease some of this monetary pain, but this cut runs deep. Let’s take a step back and reverse the camera to focus on our patients during this time of uncertainty. What are they thinking? What questions or concerns do they have that are going unanswered?

Instead of making excuses for being unable to try something new or saying you’re too busy to implement a new program, let’s face the facts. NOW IS THE TIME for change and trying new things! You owe it to yourself and your practice, but more importantly to your patients.

I have not met many providers that were against earning an extra $5,000 – $7,000 a month of revenue without adding additional overhead, and all while providing enhanced patient care.

Your patients are craving personal interaction now more than ever. Why not provide it to them? HealthWatch is one of the largest Chronic Care Management programs in the US with dedicated Care Specialists ready to deliver patient-centered solutions and 24/7 care coordination through monthly telephone checkups.

Implementing a Chronic Care Management program is easier than you think and will provide peace of mind to your patients during COVID-19. Learn more here.


About Kraig Vondran

Kraig is VP of Strategy at iSalus Healthcare and is an Alumnus of Harvard Business School. He also holds a graduate degree in Management and undergraduate degrees in Business and Accounting. Find him on LinkedIn here.